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... Fosamax. After doing some research on this medication, some of the side effects seem alarming. Has anyone had luck with other more natural approaches such as Strontium Citrate? ... (5 replies)
Dec 12, 2007
... You ask about other testing than DXA to see if the fosamax is working? ... (23 replies)
... Thank you all for the encouraging comments and your support, I am really touched. I thought about all of you when I found out my score. I was so worried the doc would tell me I had osteoporosis according to their number of less than -2.5, especially since it's been two years since my last test. At my worse, my t-scores were spine -.08, left hip -2.4. E-zorb and my other... (13 replies)

... I just went through putting on 10 lbs with using Fosamax for only 11 weeks. I quit about 3 weeks ago and still have 4 lbs to lose. ... (22 replies)
... After forteo, that is certainly the big question and bisphosphonates seem to be the only answer right now. Bummer. I had thought that maybe if strontium ranelate was legal here that it may offer an alternative. Is strontium ranelate available in Denmark? ... (4 replies)
... Hi Phylwill.. Didrocal is not as strong as Fosamax and Actenel but in that family. I know people on it for years and it did not work. ... (22 replies)
... Remember Fosamax doesn't build bone, it just prevents the old bone from breaking down and fills it in, therefore the DEXA scan shows better density. ... (16 replies)
... rying not to dwell on my osteoporosis and am lucky I don't have any symptoms that tell me I have it. I have an endo appt. this month and I'm going to bring in my Strontium to see what she has to say about it. She hasn't helped my situation at all and this may be my last appt. ... (9 replies)
... Hello, Well, of course, one can't say ''definitely'' that the Actonel was to blame. But, there is probably a good chance that Actonel did have something to do with it. If you take a look at a very well-read site called ''askapatient'', you will find how many people describe their side effects from bisphosphonate meds - Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva. All you have to do is... (16 replies)
Oct 20, 2007
... Hmmmm. Interesting. Thanks for responding!:) So...maybe I'll try it and maybe I won't. I think with the 11 wks of Fosamax, and now Strontium, Ca, Mg and Vit D, my body may have enough adjustment for the time being. (3 replies)
... because my density levels keep plummeting, and I want to know if there is any biological reason why. He said there was no explanation for my case. I asked about strontium and he said he didn't recommend it. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for explaining the meaning of a 'trust area', I was wondering what that meant when I posted excerpts from the article on the UK wanting to limit access to osteoporosis drugs. It's a shame that you can't have a follow up bone density for your peace of mind, and it would also save you money if your scan showed improved density so you would not have to purchase additional... (5 replies)
... ld have some idea whether the treatment is working or not but was told I couldn't have one and that even if I did have one the result would make no difference as Fosamax is the best treatment and I wouldn't be offered anything else anyway!!!! ... (5 replies)
Oct 10, 2007
... I'm just a newbie here mbeth but from what I've read here this past week - no you should not be on actonel for osteopenia and no you cannot take them together. I would respectfully suggest that you read some of the threads here - very, very information about Actonel, Fosamax, Forteo & Strontium. (6 replies)
... Yes, thank-you to Turtlelady (ouch, I've heard vertebral Fx's are painful) for sharing this info. This lends credibility to the idea that T-scores are not necessarily a predictor of fracture risk. Turtlelady, I hope that something truly safe and effective will soon become available to help you :angel: ! Sending positive thoughts your way! (19 replies)
... Thanks for stopping by and giving your input turtlelady! I wish I had some history but I was adopted and unfortunately have nothing. I noticed that about the machines when I was told that I'd have to have another scan in 3 yrs on the same machine Who knows if that machine will still be there or maybe I'll move!! This is all bordering on insanity.:D Five fractures!! That... (19 replies)
... This is very reassuring. Thank you for taking the time to post this for me. This is unbelievable. Ya know, I have always been under the impression that when a person with osteopororis has a fall and fractyre, the bone is breaking first and therefore causing the fall. Yes...those fractures of mine were as a direct result of the fall. No question! Probably only a hairline... (19 replies)
... I'll put in my two cents as one of those with "true" osteoporosis. My lumbar t score was an unimpressive -2.6. I fractured five vertebrae doing absolutely nothing. Both my parents had compression fractures and I was told that was a far more accurate predictor of my future. Dexa scans are of only limited use. There is so much variation from one machine to the next, compounded... (19 replies)
... Glad to be of help Peppurr; that's what these boards are all about :) . You had mentioned that you were uncertain what to make of your recent fractures, i.e. could they be due to low BMD. Based on my own experience with low BMD, I think I can shed some light on this for you too. First of all, the true definition of osteoporosis (not the current definition-brought to us... (19 replies)
... my feet relaxing!:D And I've been freaking out because of my -2.8! Not any more!!!:jester: Thanks sooo much for your post! I remember the first time I found out I had graduated to osteoporosis. The doctor looked at me like I had the plague - all doom and gloom so maybe that's where I'm coming from! Since reading this board, I have a different attitude. My... (19 replies)

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