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Apr 9, 2010
... I take Ezorb at night and the Strontium in the morning. Is this far enough apart time wise? ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for the encouragement. My endo. suggested Fosamax, but I want to try the Strontium and my exercise regimen for another year. Both of you inspire me to conquer the disease and also the fear... ... (3 replies)
... erthyroid for a long time. I do know that weight bearing exercise, like walking and jogging and strength training exercise will help you. My Dr wanted me to take Fosamax , but I was scared to take it. I am taking Strontium, calcium, Magnesium and some other vitamins. ... (5 replies)

... Hi Lyn, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing all the bad side effects of the meds, unfortunately they always seem to fix one thing and break another. Have you tried to regain your bone density the natural way? Good luck! (9 replies)
... Welcome selfhelp... I will quote you as I have written almost the same after taking Fosamax...... "Actonel gave me horrible side effects that resembled a heart attack (turns out it burned my esophagus so I was put on Nexium for that"). I then tried Actonel with the same result! Strontium Ranelate was easy on the esophagus but unfortunately I had very loose bowel motions... (9 replies)
... Forteo, I am trying to maintain my gains with calcium, magnesium, vit D3, all the usual, plus strontium citrate. I am very much looking forward to the approval of Amgen's new monoclonal antibody product in the fall. ... (7 replies)
... I was on Forteo for 15 months. The side effects that I had weren't as bad as the Fosamax side effects. On Forteo the first few days I had an upset stomach for a few hours after taking the injection, but that went away. ... (23 replies)
... I have tried Calcitonin and Fosamex at different times. With both medications I got back and lower leg muscle spasms. I believe it is caused because the medications decrease bone resorption and blood calcium levels. In other words more calcium stays in the bones and as a result sometimes the blood calcium gets low. The lower calcium levels in the blood can cause muscle... (8 replies)
... a month. Now I am going to start taking Strontium and see if I can build my bones up. I just pray this works I can't do the biophosphates because of the severe side effects. ... (8 replies)
Vitamin MK-7
Jan 9, 2009
... Dear Starfish: Thank you so much for taking time for your explanation. I have had 3 DEXA scans over the past 5 years. I am "overdue" for my next one, as per my physician. However, I am totally reluctant to go as I don't know if I would do anything differently. My doctor said we could try Evista if indicated. I have been "diagnosed" with osteopenia ... I am 47 years... (23 replies)
... Just a thought. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are generally not believed to cause pain by themselves. Usually it's when a fracture happens that the real pain starts. The Osteoarthritis is probably what was causing your pain. These are opinions I've heard from various specialists and also on the various medical forums. I'm not in the medical profession myself, and I could be... (4 replies)
Osteoporosis at 39
Sep 27, 2008
... and it is helping me to put this into perspective. I know I'll be turning to this book often when I'm having one of those bad moments... I also looked into strontium and the literature sounds pretty impressive, so I decided to pick some up at a vitamin shop on my way home from work last night to give it a try. ... (6 replies)
Osteoporosis at 39
Sep 26, 2008
... Welcome to the boards Omzenska:)! I'll try to answer your questions and hopefully some others will chime in too. First of all, it is possible to have a big discrepancy between hips and spine; my total lumbar is -3.0 but hips are something like -1.5. I'm at a loss to explain the DEXA discrepancy however, except to say that this brings into question exactly how "accurate" these... (6 replies)
... cannot tolerate the Osteo drugs. My mother in law just had to give them up as well because of the joint and muscle pain. Why don't you check out the natural strontium citrate supplement and give it a try.. you have nothing to lose after not increasing while using fosamax!!!! ... (1 replies)
... Just wanted to let all my friends on the board know that I stopped the 50000 units of D2 that my Doctor Rx'd a couple of years ago. Been reading lots of info about D3 and decided to self medicate with D3-1000 units once a day. My level has steadily gone up to about 58 with the D2 but, since the D3 is a natural dose, thought it would be better for me. I have an appt.... (4 replies)
... The doctor put me on Fosamax and I could only deal with that for 3 months. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Starfish: I can give you a "very" simplistic answer to your question about bone meds affect on bmd's you would consider very good or normal. Don't forget all of our bones go through this remodeling process even if they are considered normal. We always hope that the normal bones won't get worse, and I would think yours are in excellent shape (except for your spine) which... (12 replies)
... Fosamax. After doing some research on this medication, some of the side effects seem alarming. Has anyone had luck with other more natural approaches such as Strontium Citrate? ... (5 replies)
... Thank you all for the encouraging comments and your support, I am really touched. I thought about all of you when I found out my score. I was so worried the doc would tell me I had osteoporosis according to their number of less than -2.5, especially since it's been two years since my last test. At my worse, my t-scores were spine -.08, left hip -2.4. E-zorb and my other... (13 replies)
... Hi Phylwill.. Didrocal is not as strong as Fosamax and Actenel but in that family. I know people on it for years and it did not work. ... (22 replies)

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