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... Disclaimer: I don't really know what I'm talking about. The body is normally constantly creating new bone and breaking down old bone. When the process has a negative balance, old bone is being lost faster than new bone is being created, which results in osteoporosis. So medicine tries to either increase the production of new bone (Forteo), slow the breakdown of old bone... (6 replies)
... eaus and had ingidestion problems. I stoppd taking it,read alot and was on this site constantly. I now take alongwith my calcium magnesium and K2. I also take strontium before going to bed and do weight bearing exercises plus juming jacks! I am hopping this will all help I will be goingto a different doctor next time. ... (15 replies)
... Max I really can't make in suggestions...I am all over the place on this. My mother and I are taking strontium and making better food choices. Due to my mother having breast cancer then osteo...I abruptly quit premarin about 5 years ago . ... (7 replies)

... now what they were for, and I just did not ask questions, other than will this help my bone pain.....She of course said yes take this med and it might....Well no fosamax for me....Thanks for all your help...... ... (10 replies)
... I've never tried strontium citrate, but others have and are having good results from it, you can buy it over the counter. ... (15 replies)
Strontium Question
Sep 26, 2007
... Yes, his theory was that because I was on fosamax for so long and it takes years to get out of your system, it was harder for the forteo to work. ... (25 replies)
Strontium Question
Sep 26, 2007
... Oh, my gosh 7 weeks is nothing on fosamax. I was on for 9 years. Don't worry about the forteo not working. Give it time. Are you getting tested on the same machine? I have been told that if you get your DEXA on the same machine two days in a row it can vary a percentage of a point. The most accurate reading is to compare your last one with a year later on the same... (25 replies)
... Hi there - I'm in the UK and haven't heard of the urine test you have just taken. I know there is one but when I asked my doctor I was told it wasn't necessary( can't remember exactly what she said) but it seems to me it would be useful to know how fast you are losing bone. I've been waiting for a repeat bone scan for months now as I have been on Fosamax plus supplements... (5 replies)
... Pika B, I consider all information to be supportive, even if it is contrary to my particular beliefs. It is still information and can be used to weigh in on how I will handle my health care decisions. These boards (I believe) would not be very effective if only one side of the story was allowed to be told. Jaw necrosis resulting from biophosphates is a fact and there are... (8 replies)
... do not take strontium citrate! Why so many put such faith in the medical profession and pharmeceutical companys! ... (58 replies)
... I tried Miacalcin but it gave me headaches. Also, it's the least effective drug for osteo. It can also cause nasal ulcers in some people. I've tried every osteo drug on the market but can't tolerate any of them. Waiting for something to come out with fewer side-effects. You may want to look into the supplement Strontium. (18 replies)
Strontium Ranelate
May 23, 2005
... thly dose even though time released would cause alot of symptoms because there's so much medication being released into your system at once. I thought the weekly Fosamax was bad enough and before I quit that I was going to ask for a daily pill to see if side effects were present. ... (6 replies)
Strontium Ranelate
May 23, 2005
... to be worse in the monthly dose than with the daily dose. Also you have to sit up and wait a full hour before eating anything, compared to 30 minutes with weekly Fosamax or Actonel. So if you already have problems with oral biphosphonates this probably isn't for you. ... (6 replies)
... I am on Fosamax but did ask about being switched to Protelos but, as I have had no side effects with Fosamax, was not offered Protelos. ... (13 replies)
... n in the clinical trial for the PTH patch. They should have KNOWN it didn't apply to people who'd already received Forteo treatment!! If you ask the docs about Strontium Citrate, they'll probably just say that they ''don't know about it''. Most docs are not really that familiar with ''alternative'' teatments. ... (23 replies)
Dec 12, 2007
... You ask about other testing than DXA to see if the fosamax is working? ... (23 replies)
... I did a quick search on Canadian Studies with strontium renelate and did come up with a couple. ... (8 replies)
... I have spoken to my PCP's nurse and my gyn. PCP wanted me to start Tums and 2000 iu vit D daily and weekly fosamax. i was scared of the fosamax side effects so did not fill the prescription. ... (3 replies)
DEXA Results
Feb 3, 2009
... Hi Phyllis, Yes, I have started on the Strontium Citrate after reading here. I've only been on it about 5 days so I'm hoping for something positive from it. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, Glowing4, Turquoise, Taape, Greentree, Montesflus, Tomatojuice, Yef, Tulsatime, Snowflake11, Phylwill1152, I am the one who started this thread and then was not able to get back to answer all until now. Wow!, Thanks to all of you for your responses. You all have made me feel better. I do suffer from anxiety(which is enough to deal with) and then having myself all... (15 replies)

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