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Mar 2 2016 I had abnormal pap Asc-h Dr sent me for colocopy it came back hsil so the June 22,2016 I had leep procedure. On July 6 I received a call from my Dr that the results were invasive cervical cancer . So now I wait to see cancer Dr my app is August 18 unanswered questions and no other test booked. Confused how they will know if it has spread. Reason I went to Dr was I was having pelivc pain and pain in left side and back periods were heavy and lasted over a week and cramping never stops even to this day. And Dr still tell me there not signs of cervical cancer even now that result say invasive. Confused and scared.
I'm sorry for this diagnosis! I wish I had some words of wisdom but didn't have cervical cancer (or any other type of cancer) although I did have an abnormal pap many years ago that resolved itself. And then fast forward more than a decade later when I developed a large complex ovarian cyst at which point the fear set in. The only suggestion I have to offer is to try to remain calm and not let fear dictate your actions. You will want to get all the information possible about your condition and treatment options so that you can make the best decisions for your short and long-term health. If you're not comfortable with one doctor's recommendation, at least one second opinion would be a good idea.

Best of luck as you navigate through this!

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