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Well, Its good to hear that your experience wasn't all that bad. I have a LEEP scheduled in a week on December 11th. I had heard some folks get general anesthesia for it and it scared me a bit.

My story goes like this, a year and a half ago I go to my family practice doc for an annual pap (I've been every year since I turned I'm 36...and never had a problem)
As far as I knew that time there was no problem either...she told me "You have never had a problem so you really don't need to come every year...every 2 years or even 3 would be fine". I got a card in the mail about 4 weeks later saying all was fine so I never thought a second about it. 2 years (this past October) later I switch insurances and decide to just have a checkup not a pap as I was having some allergy problems. The nurse practitioner, looking at my old records, asks me if I ever followed up on my abnormal pap. I tell her that I've never had an abnormal pap. She corrects me and shows me the report that said I had mild- moderate dysplasia on the last pap. Of course never knowing the correct results I had never followed up.

She scheduled a pap 2 weeks later and a week after that (I was in Calif on business and she calls my cell phone at 4:30 am Calif time) I get the results that I have CIN III or Severe dysplasia on my pap with abnormal endocervical cells. Another 3 weeks and I have a Colpo (the day before Thanksgiving)...I was just a bit anxious from stories I'd heard so my Nurse Practitioner prescribed 1 Valium to take before hand (it did make me feel The Colpo went fine, no pain...a little stinging from the topical anesthetic he sprayed on my cervix, but he said I had a large lesion at 6 o'clock that extended into the cervical canal and a small lesion at 3 o' clock (although he said it didn't look cancerous in his experience and there should be nothing to worry about) feeling relieved I enjoyed Thanksgiving and had very little spotting from the Colpo. This past Tues I got a call from the nurse saying that the biopsy did show in all 3 samples CIN III, severe dysplasia and I would have to have a LEEP.

So now I'm waiting.....nervous...I hope he can get clear margins with the LEEP. I have 2 wonderful sons (8 and 10 years old) and no plans for more children so many of my friends are encouraging me to have a hysterectomy if given the option. I have a strong family history of many different cancers so I'm a bit worried and anxious to know everything that is going on.

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