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I had both of my LEEPs awake. The first time i felt absolutely nothing. It was a breeze. The second time was not painful but there was some strange discomfort. It didn't hurt but i sort of felt when the wire loop passed. It was a weird feeling and i couldn't wait for it to be over. When my gyno went into the endocervical canal I felt that even more. I think it was enough lidocaine and epinepherine to take a way the pain but it left me with the sensation of the procedure. Overall, I don't think i'd go for general's not necessary and definitely bearable for the 10 minutes it takes. The overall procedure is 30 min. with prep time and colposcopic observation and finishing up (cauterizing).
agreed. i was petrified of anesthesia, but its a quick procedure and you CANNOT BELIEVE u even had it - its so weird! I was wheeled in and 2 seconds later was waking up fine!
Actually its is more expensive doing it asleep - you have the anesthesia bill (Mine was $330, i think thats average) and the hospital bills (mine was $5900 for 3 HOURS - ridiculous, but I also had the laser - I would say an average hospital leep bill might be about half of that, 2 or 3 thousand) and i havent even gotten the lab bill yet.

If you're doing a leep in a dr's office, you just have the dr bill and the lab bill.........My dr bill was $850 btw.
Wow! Nina, I'm so sorry that it was so painful for you. All the more reason to be asleep for it. My doc actually doens't give the option to be awake unless you have a problem with anesthesia because it's too traumatic for some people so why take the risk of the patient jumping away and getting cut where they don't need to be.

Your story makes me cringe and again, I'm so sorry you went through all of that. :eek:

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