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Hi bridge,

I'm in the same boat as you-- last May, my biopsy showed that I have CIN I-II. As you can probably tell, this diagnosis is sort of ambiguous and subjective when it comes to treatment. We can either get a LEEP or wait and watch. Well, I chose the latter (and also a naturopathic health treatment) and decided to wait and watch, while also improving my overall health with supplements, diet change, and lots of exercise. I am going in for another biopsy this Tuesday so I'm hoping that things haver gotten better and that the dysplasia has regressed. That is the best scenario possible!

But even if my colposcopy visit shows that I still have dysplasia and that it's the same (CIN I-II) or has gotten worse in 5 months (CIN II-III), then I know I have the LEEP procedure to fall back on. It is HIGHLY unlikely that my mild/moderate dysplasia has progressed to full-blow invasive cancer in 5 months. Two doctors I talked to said I could safely wait-and-watch and one doctor urged I get a LEEP. I chose to wait and I am confident that this was the best option for me-- like I said, I'm not endangering my health by waiting and checking again next week. Dysplasia and cancer doesn't develop overnight, so be assured that if you want to wait and watch these next few months, then that is a safe option.

The reason some doctors want to treat this type of dysplasia right away is that they are not counting on their patient on being diligent with their regular check ups, as many patients are not good about this. So if you consider yourself responsible and know you'll go see your doctor in 4-5 months for a check-up, then there's no harm in waiting. Dysplasia is slow to progress, if it progresses at all, and it typically takes about 10 years for dysplasia to turn into invasive cancer. I hope this helps! If you do chose to wait and watch, you must be proactive with your health while you wait for your next check up. Stop smoking, exercise more, eat healthier foods, take supplements, etc. Search these boards for health tips that'll help boost your immune system. Take care!

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