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Hi there,

Warning- LONG

Sorry for the delay. I do not have experience with the birth control pills so I can not comment on that. For that matter I haven't had leep either so take my questions/ comments with a grain of salt. I do however have experience with abnormal paps and what the various paths can be. Based on what I've learned or been told, I'm a little confused by your post. So here it goes..

The original pap that came back abnormal...what were the results...was it ASCUS, Mild dysplasia aka CINI, Moderate dysplasia, severe dysplasia etc? It reads as if the colpo was normal yet the Dr proceeded to leep ??? What is your HPV status...negative or positive? The fact that he did the LEEP leads me to believe there was some level of dysplasia and your HPV was positive??? I'd get clear on what was going on. Now that the Leep is complete, obviously wait for the results to see what was going on. Hopefully the leep was successful at removing all of the abnormalities. From there, you will probably be on a 3 month or 6 month repeat pap plan until you get 2 consecutive NORMAL paps at which point you may be able to return to annual paps. During your wait, I would get do a little research to become familiar with the standard protocols for managing this. I say this because YOU will be your best advocate. Dr's are great but you have to push a bit too. For example my original DR told me to come back in a year because ASCUS with 2 neg HPV test was the equivalent of normal. Well ASCUS is NOT NORMAL to me...NORMAL IS NORMAL so I was not at all comfortable with waiting to f/u on this for 1 year. So I sought out another DR. While she said his plan was appropriate per medical guidelines, she commented that she is a bit more conservative than the guidelines. So she had me return in 6 mos. At that time she did a colpo. My results show mild atypia so I just wait for another 6 mos. Some would argue that the original Dr. was essentially right but guess what ...[B][I]I needed to know for ME. [/I][/B] Mentally this was tearing me apart...I couldn't mind would wonder and think the worst. For me I appreciated her more conservative approach.

So read and research, push the DR when you need to push, seek out support as you have and understand YOU ARE YOUR VERY BEST ADVOCATE. This may be a Dr's job but this is your LIFE! Find a Dr you trust but be an active participant in your care plan.:angel: Take care!

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