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In the last 3 months I have been diagnosed with a iron shortage, aneamic and heamoriods. Period this month was very heavy and they decided to stop the period and then they did some more tests. Uterus 13mm thick...normal? They picked up I have a friable cervix and I need a Colp urgently. They don't tell you anymore than that and I am at the end of my wits. What does a friable cervix mean?
The specialist said there is no heamoriods and that all the problems are due to the cervix pressing on the bowel. It feels like I have to do a bowel movement the whole time.

Has anyone had this before? I have lower back pain that is going into the back of the legs and the uterus and cervix is constantly painful. Heat packs work wonders for this.

I am going to probably loose my newish job due to my time of work.

Please pardon my English, it's my second language.
Oh ok! :) If it makes you feel any better I had bleeding after sex ,this was caused by me also having a "friable cervix". Strangely enough I had what is called bacterial vaganitis, simply an infection that irritates the cervix. I was treated for that and the bleeding/pain/swelling went down and stopped all together.

***Hugs and Vrede :)***
Hi Badprop, I'm sorry to hear this. I wanted to let you know that your English is just fine.

I've never heard the term "friable cervix" so I had to look it up. Like Jessica said, it means it is easily irritated and can bleed easily. From what I've read there are several reasons it can be that way: HPV, chlymidia, other infections.

When it comes to the pain in your back and down your legs, that is probably from the nerves in your low back being pushed on by the swollen uterus (or other internal organs).

Have you scheduled your colpo yet? That will give the doctor a good view of the cervix (under the colposcope - a microscope that views the cervix). The doctor will likely take a biopsy (called a pinch or punch biopsy) and perhaps an ECC (endocervical curettage). The ECC scrapes the cervical canal to sample the tissue there (which are different from the tissue on the outer cervix).

I know there is a lot of information. Ask whatever you wish, we'll do our best to help!

And let us know how your appointment goes.
Thank you so much for the encouraging words Zoe. My hart is sitting in my throught(spelling?) I am seeing the doc in a hour and I have not stopped bleeding from the calpo and live on 3 pain pills every 4 hours, day and night. I want to stay positive but I am so tired of being in pain 24/7 it is breaking down my good spirits. Then I come to this board and read all the positive posts and I feel much better. You girls are making a difference, well to me you are. Thanks.:angel:
We all know that pre-doc visit feeling....bundle of nerves to say the least! I hope they can offer you something better for pain control.

Like Pickle said, give us a report when you are up to it. We are all here for you!!!

Feeling so much better today:) The next step is the CT scan and then we know what we have to deal with. Told hubby if I become a 'sports model' I would need to drive a 'sports model car'. Small 2 door cabriolet in other words;) Hehe.

The doctor explained that the reason I won't stop bleeding is due to the cancer, he has prescribed me morphine pills for the pain but this seems to cause more bleeding. I am aneamic and although the trip I was on with the Morphine was good, the bleeding needs to stop first so back to good old Tramadol and Panadiene. Are there any other pain killers out there you can recommend that made the bleeding less?

The Auckland hospitals Oncology department is very highly rate by the private sector so we are going to stick with the National Health system for now.

One good thing out of this is the amount of support we are getting from everyone. It is tough sitting alone at home with too much time to think. Friends now have taken it apon themselfs to make sure I have company everyday. The even bringing food and fetching the kids from aftercare.

It just restores a persons faith in humans again to see people care so openly.

My only worry is my kids. One is 5 and the other 8. They keep asking why am I not getting better. My mother died 4 yrs ago and stepmom 2 years ago from cancer. My 8 year old still remember what happened and she is now very worried. She is 8 going onto 20.
I second everything Pickle said, and cannot say it better. Although I will add, you are mighty brave!! Like Jess said, keep that fighting spirit, and you will be just fine. I know the pain must be awful, but remember, if that's what you have to get through to get to the end of this and being restored to health, then you will get through it and one day it will just be a memory. Do keep your doctors informed though, so that hopefully they can find something to better alleviate your pain. Have you tried some alternative therapies, such as Reiki or acupuncture? I had a few Reiki session before my surgeries (although I was not in any pain) and it did wonders for my nerves and calming me down. I recovered well from my first surgery, and so far am recovering very well from the second. I'm actually going for a few sessions next week. Literally, it can't hurt!!

Stay strong and stay in touch!!!


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