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Re: Appointment #1
Mar 3, 2009
Dragonfly -- the only possible thing I can think my doctor was talking about regarding the pill and HPV progression is that they think there are other effects of oral contraceptives that can increase one's chances for dysplasia, such as the high levels of estrogen it creates or the folic acid and B vitamins it depletes.

The cold knife cone was suggested (even though my LEEP had clear margins) because with glandular problems, they're never sure if they got it all. If modern science could just find a way to spot these problems inside the body this wouldn't be an issue!!! So frustrating.

Besides Vitamin E and folic acid, other things I've read about that may help reverse dysplasia are Vitamin A and indole-3-carbinol/DIM (cruciferous vegetable extract). I try to at least eat a helping of broccoli or cauliflower every day.

Bonesy -- glad you stopped smoking right away. I smoked when out at the bar (I think mostly because it's annoying to have everyone smoking around you when you aren't yourself) but as soon as I found out I had an abnormal pap, I quit cold turkey too. People ask me how I had the willpower to do it, but when you're dealing with an issue like this, I think it's a no-brainer. Especially with all the stuff that says smoking increases your risks for dysplasia.

Pickle -- thanks for the well wishes! At least one load of stress is off my back right now!

Zoe -- yeah, the pregnancy thing is tough. Don't you wish humans would evolve so that women could get pregnant later in life? I want kids, but I'm 33 right now and don't even want to have them in the next few years - heck, I'd wait 20 years if I could! Good luck with your adventure -- I hope your significant other will located closer by the time the baby is born!!!

I will report back tomorrow about doctor #2!

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