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Thanks so much. My doctor didn't say if it was mild or severe but they didn't tell me the first time either until I had the coloscopy and biopsy. I'm hoping it clears up, I just worry cause I developed the moderate to severe dysplasia pretty quickly. I got HPV from my current bf and within 2 months after us starting to have sex I had the abnormal cells showed on my pap, they said it would probably clear up then in a few months I had moderate to severe and needed a LEEP, I think the paper from the LEEP said it was CIN II. I guess I'm just worrying for no reason. The HPV test did come back negative so hopefully everything will be ok with my next pap.

I've also had some issues since the LEEP. I have pelvic pain that no one has been able to find a cause for and lately sex has be a bit painful and they can't find a cause for that either so that makes me worry too. I'll just have to relax and wait for my next visit, I just hate waiting so long to find out.
Youre pelvic pain and painful sex may be related to other problems, i was also suffering from those symptoms and was bleeding way too mych in between periods' i had a biopsy of my uterus that revealed i had chronic endometritis' which is an infection in my uterus, the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic, i am still taking them and in the mean time discovered that i have high risk hpv and cervical dysplasia so dont relly know if the antibiotic has helped yet or not but the doctor said that it should clear up all of the bleeding and pain

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