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I've had 2 LEEP's done in office and 1 done under anesthesia. Honestly I'd choose in office first. Besides the pinch to numb the cervix it was way easier and less painful than the colposcopy. I didn't have a choice on my third LEEP. I don't have much cervix left and I haven't had any babies yet, so they put me under to be a lot more precise. But after it was done and I woke up I was so sick and I was vomiting for hours and had a migraine.

I'd think if they gave you Valium it will be okay.
Good luck.
I also had my LEEP recently done in a military hospital without anesthesia. Like the others said, the only painful part was the shots they give your cervix to numb it. Even then, it wasn't unbearable. One of the shots does contain epinephrine, and will cause your heart to race and your legs to shake a little, but it will pass. You can ask the doctor for a mask so that you don't have to smell the burning when he cuts through the tissue. He did that for me and I didn't smell anything at all. The procedure is not much worse than a colposcopy. I know it seems impossible sometimes, but just try to relax as much as you can and control your breathing to help with the anxiety.
I had my LEEP done last week and wasn't put under anesthesia. My doctor did a shot of local anesthetic, which hurt like heck, but I was pretty much fine for the rest of the procedure. I think whether or not anesthesia is used is probably based on how much the doctor will need to remove, but that's just my guess from what I've heard from other people's experiences.

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