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There was a period of a week or two right after my leep where I didn't bleed. and since then I have been bleeding on and off. I always bleed during sex/after since my leep. Yes, I waited the appropriate time before I could have sex again. Also, I experience only what I can describe as a "twinge" feeling in my ovaries? I'm not really sure if I'm feeling my ovaries so let's say uterus. This twinge sensation happens every once in a while. It's not painful but a twinge feeling...or a stitch feeling. I've tried to explain it to my doctors and they have no idea. Then again they don't have vaginas. It'll happen like once a day, maybe twice, and sometimes I'll go through a day without experiencing it. But it has been happening since the surgery. Ugh, I am so alone on this one....

I have never had a regular menstruation in my life. I get my period 1-2 a year. More recently I am bleeding EVERY day in the past two months. Just moderate- heavy spotting but nothing that would require a pad or tampon. I wake up bloody too. It's a thinner blood. What is wrong with me? I have been bleeding this whole time since the leep. Some days a tiny, unnoticeable spot, other days enough to warrant throwing panties out. I feel like this is happening to no one else..:(

I haven't gone back to my doctor because I have no health insurance and have been trying to wait it out. I really don't want another colopscopy....It was incredibly painful and I cried- it hurt more than the leep itself. The leep itself was practically painless. My doctor told me I was cleared of cancer cells at the time. I am seeking some guidance...Sorry this is such a rant.

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