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... Hi there! First, I totally understand the feeling of panic you are having! I had several paps come back with HGSIL, with the words "favor neoplastic" after it, which meant it was likely caused by precancerous changes. I had both squamous and glandular cell abnormalities at the same time. It was scary, but I had a cervical cone biopsy (which is similar to the LEEP) and it... (1 replies)
... I cried all night and then some the next day. I have a colposcopy on Monday and I'll probably have a biopsy done and I'm so. scared. I'm so scared of what the results are going to tell me. ... (1 replies)
... grade cell growth. I had a colposcopy done with biopsy and go back on Friday for results. Halfway through the biopsy on June 1st the Dr tells me then that she highly recommended a LEEP procedure. ... (0 replies)

Cervical biopsy
Apr 28, 2015
... I am so sorry to hear you are going through all of this. I am about to have a biopsy after having my first abnormal pap, and I am very nervous about the whole situation. ... (3 replies)
Cervical biopsy
Apr 24, 2015
... Hello everyone. I'm new at posting on this board. I had a biopsy done on my cervix and received a message this evening from the doctor. She said it's after hours. ... (3 replies)
... @blibbet, yes, the first step was a LEEP. I was unable to get clear margins, so I went on to have a large cone biopsy. That also could not get clear margins, so hysterectomy was the next step. I also had glandular dysplasia, which is more difficult to monitor and is more "sneaky". If I could have avoided the hyst, I would have. Although I was done with kids, I have... (7 replies)
... Yesterday I got word that my Pap smear showed Abnormal endocervical glandular cells. I am scheduled for a biopsy and colposcopy next Tuesday. Of course, I'm scared to death when I read the Internet and see that AgC is rare and usually indicative of cancer. ... (5 replies)
Cervical biopsy
Apr 25, 2015
... I agree with STLouisgal. This sounds more likely to be precancer, and it is quite common and there are many ways to remove those cells. I hope when you finally talk to your doc you tell her that that's a terrible way to leave a message on someone's machine! I'm so sorry for all the grief that has found its way into your life recently. Sending lots of supportive thoughts... (3 replies)
Cervical biopsy
Apr 25, 2015
... I know sometimes our minds go to the worst case scenario which causes even more stress and angst. And it is no wonder your mind is taking you in this direction with all you have been through with your family members. I am sorry for that! I got an evening call from my gynecologist many years ago for an abnormal pap. I just needed the pap repeated since I had never had... (3 replies)
Cin 3
Apr 24, 2015
... C. Results were not so great. Have been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in situ and cin 3. I'm still a bit confused because, according to my biopsy results the 'margins appear clear' but they are recommending a hysterectomy. ... (5 replies)
High Grade And HPV
Apr 16, 2015
... rsed my dysplasia and my last pap showed no abnormality. I'm still awaiting my virology report.. Point is don't stress out until you have all the pieces. If a biopsy is taken during colposcopy, wait and see what the results say. But until then do your own research, find what options are out there that best fit you. ... (2 replies)
High grade biopsy
Mar 12, 2015
... Yes because hpv test was negative they left me. But been to see gp about mess with sling and asked her bout biopsy and she dosnt get the biopsy results apparently and ring the hospital. ... (3 replies)
High grade biopsy
Mar 12, 2015
... Sorry you are going through this. So they did not do a colposcopy in 2010 or 2012? I guess because HPV was negative and HPV causes most cervical cancers? I wonder if the TVT sling material (mesh?) can skew pathology / biopsy. I know it can wreak havoc in your body as it sounds like you are experiencing. Also, different pathologists have various levels of experience. So a... (3 replies)
High grade biopsy
Mar 11, 2015
... al with hpv test negative so docs done nothing Got called in a few weeks ago for another smear and it is abnormal and got sent to the clinic. The nurse took a biopsy and said nothing to worry about as didn't look high grade which i really understood and waited for result. ... (3 replies)
... I have had 2 former abnormal smear tests but hpv test was normal so docs just left it. Just had a smear test and abnormal, so went to clinic and had a biopsy, got the result in the mail "high grade" got an app with a consultant gynacologist next week. But worrying so much as got a lot of problems down there with an op i had with my bladder. But when I have had internals... (0 replies)
... I went thru the same conundrum in 1982. I was 22 and had just gotten married. I chose to go the route of the cone biopsy which resulted in clear margins. I had my first child in 1983 and my second in 1986 with normal full term pregnacies. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for your answer! I am glad that you feel well now! How do you feel after the hysterectomy? I will get my results this week, just before Christmas.... The strange thing is that they only found squamous cells with dysplasia on the ECC, but on the pap test AGC. Maybe they found more on the cone biopsy. (4 replies)
... Hi Jessica. I also had a cone biopsy after abnormal glandular cells were found in an ECC that suggested adenocarcinoma in situ. ... (4 replies)
... I am worried about my results from the laser cone biopsy that I did last week. Everything started out with AGC on the PAP test. After further investigations with biopsy they found CINIII in the cervical canal. I have also high risk HPV. ... (4 replies)
... cone biopsy, which ultimately was unsuccessful, and then a hysterectomy. Even though the cone didn't work for me, I don't regret having tried it at all. The cone biopsy surgery was relatively simple and the recovery time was quick. For me it was definitely worth the effort to at least try and avoid the hysterectomy. ... (7 replies)

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