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... I had a cervical biopsy done two months ago, it showed stage 0 cervical cancer. ... (0 replies)
... other follow up, they were back. And then another one, they were gone. Then I stared the brownish discharge again, late periods or skipped periods, bad right leg cramps with swelling more visible on that leg. But leg cramps would go away after period. Chalked it up to getting older. ... (12 replies)
... I wanted to know if anyone had negative blood and pap and ended up having cervical cancer in the canal? ... (7 replies)

... Well, let's see... Recently I have been worried about having cervical cancer. ... (3 replies)
... or do u think it might be cervical cancer? ... (7 replies)
... Yea I've only been in once and my mom was with me but I know more about it then my mom from the research from what i know... she never even heard of hpv before me but she said the doctor gave alot of info when I really didn't get any from it, yea I think im going to switch doctors... I'm just really picky! I am not sure what strain I have but I know its high risk? and from... (11 replies)
... Cancer is different in everyone, because we are all different. HPV is found in almost everyone in one strain or another. Only certain strains lead to cervical cancer, find out what your strain is. ... (11 replies)
... Did your pain kinda feel like really really bad cramps? I was suppose to get some test done but my doctor said that since I'm not 20 I dont have to and now I'm kinda getting worried, but she said that the test would show my adnormal cells and all that but there would be nothing she could do except tell me to come back next year for a pap smear but I'm just worried there might... (11 replies)
... I don't know to much about this, but I've recently been diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. I've got constant dull pelvic pain in my left side since Nov and that is why I went to the doctor and that is what happened. ... (11 replies)
... I had a cervical biopsy done two months ago, it showed stage 0 cervical cancer. ... (0 replies)
... i have recently started suffering from discomfort after sex and past few weeks had cramps followed by clear'ish thick discharge , also had clots the past 5 months in my periods .... ... (8 replies)
... hey there, could sum1 please find time to answer my queries please..... am 24 yr old mum of 2. i had my first pap smear when i was 18 as thats when i had my first baby, it came bk abnormal. following that pap smear result , i have had atleast 12 pap smears since,but last 2 done at coloscpy clinic. non of my smears results have came bk normal. if anything they have got... (6 replies)
... I'm really sorry to hear that... I hope the best for u! Do u know if all the tests they do for cervical and ovarian cancer are the same? ... (11 replies)
... No my pain is very minor, but now I've discovered that for the last 2 yrs my pap smear was completely normal and 1 1/2 yrs later its invasive cancer. I'm totally freaked. Yes I would still get the test. You are very young but if you have had sex you are at risk. (11 replies)
... Has anything else changed, like have you recently stopped take a birth control pill? Has yor diet changed, or have you had foods with a lot of sodium? Some other things may be contributing to your cramps. There is also a disease of the uterus that causes cramping. Cramping happens when the uterus contracts of deprives that area of oxygen which intensifies the pain. It could be... (11 replies)
... I was just wondering because I recently had an adnormal pap and tested positive for HPV, from what I have heard so far theres not really any symptoms of cramps unless it has already spread to cancer? ... (11 replies)
... ago I had my 2nd abnormal pap, I had coposcopy and was CIN III, because of my blood clotting disorder and the medication I take the Dr was not able to remove the cancer cells completelty and was going to keep a close eye on it. ... (5 replies)
... while I'm on my active pills of the birth control. Usually for about 3weeks out of the month. Also I have severe cramps that make it impossible to get out of bed sometimes, I also have shooting pains in the cervical area even when I'm not bleeding, as well as lower back pain. ... (3 replies)
... I know it sounds horrible, but I have had menstrual cramps MUCH WORSE than this. ... (9 replies)
... I am a nervous wreck. I am 40 yo and I usually have pretty "normal" periods. Every 30 days - usually last only about 3 days with the 1st day being the only real heavy day with cramps. Lately I have been having more cramps than usual and this past month it was so bad - I could hardly walk. My bleeding was much heavier also. that was 2 weeks ago. then this past Friday night my... (9 replies)

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