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... Try not to worry. I just had a colposcopy done and they found some cells to be CIN-2. My doc is giving me the option of waiting it out 6 mos, getting another pap to see how it's changed or getting a LEEP procedure. I haven't decided. But, I have friends who went from a normal pap to pre-cancerous (so a worse diagnosis than mine) in 12 mos time. She went in and got her... (8 replies)
... risk for cervical cancer. ... (1 replies)
... Hi I wanted to ask a question about cervical cancer. I'm 28 and have never had a pap smear. I honestly didn't think screening for cervical cancer was as important as the internet makes it sound. I'm religious and have only had sex with one guy a few times while we were dating when I was 25. ... (1 replies)

... I know our minds tend to go to the worst case scenario. Keep in mind though that cervical cancer is uncommon and this could be any number of things. I hope that eases your mind a bit! ... (4 replies)
... now I am anxiously waiting for the results but I am pretty certain that I have cervical cancer as I have every symptom apart from bleeding no abnormal bleeding to speak of and my periods are still normal. ... (4 replies)
Cervical Cancer?
Nov 23, 2016
... e last three years I have had abnormal periods. I bleed almost non stop with maybe a couple of days or a week in between "periods". I have ALL of the symptoms of cervical cancer I.e. Bleeding after intercourse, clotting during bleeding, foul smelling discharge with blood, pelvic pain, back pain and fatigue. ... (0 replies)
... Not sure why you didn't go to a gyno first but this sounds very much like typical cysts. Hopefully the gyno can help you with that. (4 replies)
... I saw the doctor last night and the smear results were completely clear and normal. I am not convinced though because i heard that Pap smears don't actually detect cancer? I'm very confused about what a Pap smear actually finds. I told the doc everything that was going through my mind and that I wasn't convinced and he basically laughed at me and said "you're young" 😑 What a... (4 replies)
... DEfinitely could be the cysts. I would focus on that till the testing comes back. (4 replies)
... Sheilia, i just read your post about having to do chemo and radiation. It sounds like they did catch early and i would not lose hope! my friend just went through a few months of chemo for ovarian cancer and is now cured! some days were harder than others but she is feeling much better now. i hope everything goes well and surround yourself with loving friends and family.... (1 replies)
... Have you seen a gynecologist yet? Of course many strains of HPV are transient and therefore low grade abnormal cells (dysplasia) will oftentimes resolve without intervention. And as you probably also know abnormal paps can occur without the presence of HPV. I had an abnormal pap many years ago and my gyn said we just needed to repeat it a number of months later (it seems we... (1 replies)
... The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is everywhere. It is the planetís most common sexually transmitted infection. Itís a catchy bugger. Almost every woman I know has it. I have it. The few women I know who do not have HPV are married to the only man theyíve ever had sex with. The weird thing is that men donít seem to know about HPV. Around 50 percent of all men are carriers and... (1 replies)
... Please tell me any and all symptoms you had that led to diagnosis of Cervical cancer. ... (4 replies)
... With a negative HPV test and negative paps it would be highly unlikely that you have cervical cancer. Gynecologic cancers are uncommon. ... (1 replies)
... y my hormones are all messes up and need to be regulated and he thinks the menstrual changes have to do with that. I told him abouut my concerns with could it be cervical cancer and he said im too young. He said in the 30 yeara hes been working hes never diagnosed a 24 year old with cervical cancer. ... (1 replies)
... I'm sorry for this diagnosis! I wish I had some words of wisdom but didn't have cervical cancer (or any other type of cancer) although I did have an abnormal pap many years ago that resolved itself. And then fast forward more than a decade later when I developed a large complex ovarian cyst at which point the fear set in. The only suggestion I have to offer is to try to remain... (1 replies)
... h Dr sent me for colocopy it came back hsil so the June 22,2016 I had leep procedure. On July 6 I received a call from my Dr that the results were invasive cervical cancer . So now I wait to see cancer Dr my app is August 18 unanswered questions and no other test booked. Confused how they will know if it has spread. ... (1 replies)
Cervical biopsy
Apr 25, 2015
... You did not go into your history of paps and cervical treatments. If you have kept up with screening and have not had ongoing problems then chances are good that these abnormal cells are treatable. ... (3 replies)
... I just want to echo that symptoms of cervical cancer can mimic those of benign conditions. So there is no need to panic. ... (2 replies)
... Your CT scan would be unlikely to pick up cervical cancer unless it was very advanced. ... (2 replies)

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