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... Long story, I'll try to make shorter. Around 2011 I had a normal pap, negative HPV and was told I didn't need another pap for 3 years. So in 2014ish I had another pap/HPV which came back ASCUS/+HPV. This was followed by repeat paps/ECC/colposcopy/biopsies etc at about 6 month intervals with one HPV test coming back negative around 2016 I think and results of all other tests... (1 replies)
... Based on the interim normal paps since the abnormal one 5 years ago, it sounds like the abnormal cells and probably the HPV too resolved on their own. This is common in normal, healthy women especially younger ones. And your doctor is correct in saying that abnormal cells typically take many years (as many as 10) to develop into cancer. And most low grade lesions (CIN1 aka... (2 replies)
... Okay, here's the story. I saw a doctor 5 years ago and had an abnormal pap. Positive HPV. She told me I had to come back. I did, and she did a colposcopy on me. I never heard from her, so I assumed it was normal. I then did a pap a little later on (not sure how long later, I forget?) came back normal. I know I definately skipped a year at some point of getting my yearly... (2 replies)

... I was told my pap was abnormal again followed up with coloposcopy told it was LGSIL CIN1 follow up in 6 months. The 6 month pap was clear but they did and ECC which still confirmed LGSIL. Told to come back in 6 months. ... (1 replies)
... Hi all, I just received the diagnosis from my Colposcopy and was told I have CIN1. The doctor suggested LEEP or a complete hysterectomy to be on the safe side. From everything i have read, I think these procedures are rather drastic at this stage. My next appointment is on the 10/9/12 with another doctor to discus treatment options, please i need advice on what next to do.... (3 replies)
Sep 3, 2010
... th my little boy and they knew back then that i had CIN 1 but didnt say anything to me for 2 years about it. I was just wondering how long it can take to go from CIN1 to something more server? ... (0 replies)
... HI Kels, I'm not sure if I have any advice but I wanted to try and reassure you. First, were you diagnosed as CIN1 and CIN3 through a colposcopy? ... (5 replies)
Sep 16, 2009
... Hi, I'm new to this thing so please bear with me. I had a colcoskopy done 3 wks ago and result came back i have CIN1, I've been reading on the net what causes this and it got me a bit worry...i have never smoke in my whole life, never have sex with anyone else apart from my as my husband. We've been married for 13 years now my husband had never cheated on me....I... (0 replies)
... Hi Everyone... I had the leep yesterday. My kids (3/2) have been sick and an hr before i left i felt like i was coming down with what they had. It didn't help me with my anxiety i'll tell you. But i walked in with my list of questions which honestly, i couldn't see even thought i looked down at the page. The procedure itself was fine. The heart racing...that was scarey but it... (10 replies)
... I really highly doubt it would "get rid" of CIN1. However anything that boosts ones immunity is helpful. ~Jess (4 replies)
... does geen tea help get rid of cin1 (4 replies)
... Thanks ladies. I read it wrong it is LSIL and not HSIL as i said previously...duh that was stupid of me. Still got me worried though:confused: I had thought it was pointless doing a pap so soon but my doctor assured me it was best so i was ready for an abnormal pap but not cin1. Anyway, colposcopy booked for thursday (with gyn/onc) so we'll see what he says.. thanks again... (4 replies)
... H, LSIL, HSIL, etc but CIN1 is usually a colpscopy result. CIN1 would coincide with a LSIL pap result and not a HSIL result. ... (4 replies)
... Has this happened to anyone? I picked up my results from the pap yesterday - HPV-HSIL (CIN1). This was done just a month after my cone biopsy which showed clear margins...How could it have come back so soon?? I'm so worried this is going to turn out to be another cin3. I've got a colposcopy booked for feb 12th, i just need some reassurance right now. (4 replies)
... In most cases they monitor the situation with more paps and a colposcopy. It is possible that cin1 can clear up on its own. You can help it by taking herbs or supplements that increase your natural immune system. ... (4 replies)
... what treatment do i need for cin1 (4 replies)
Nov 19, 2008
... i went for a smear the other day cause i was bleeding and a lot of pain after i had intercourse with my partner, when i went my doc had said she sent me a letter last yr saying i need another smear cause it came back last yr i,d cin1 now they are rushing these results back whats the worse that can happen to me and can i still have kids thank you lynn (0 replies)
... Hi, I am actually not going to do anything. It seems that since I am cin 1 and he believes there is nothing else in the canal ( it was in the opening), I can wait. So I am going to. I am going to have a colposcopy in 4 mos and see how things are. I think I am going to have a different doctor do it, because I want someone else to “see” what he is seeing so I can trust it as... (18 replies)
... Thank you so much. I am hrhpv, this is my first abnormal pap and I ust fund out about hpv...I am goign to see him in 2 hours ( 515 pst) and I will find out more then. THANK YOU fro your just im time post. So basically, if I am CIN1, and he can see the lesion in the canal I should (can) wait and see for 6 mos? (18 replies)
... c most people say wait and see with Cin 1, however, mine is Cin1 in the canal. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience ? ... (18 replies)

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