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... That makes me so angry...she should have sent you straight to the specialist so he could take care of everything in one surgery. Did the specialist biopsy the vaginal wall spot before lasering to confirm it was vain3 or less? Lily is right that the one main drawback of laser is the lack of specimen. I was really concerned about this as well. I had ectocervical dysplasia as... (16 replies)
... You must ask your doctor what is going on, and take a copy of your lab reports when you go in, but from your description it seems that the problem is in the endocervix because the ECC came up positive. If he didn't see anything during colpo, it means there is no dysplasia on the face of the cervix (the cervix looks like a clock with a dot in the middle, and the dot is the... (3 replies)
... moderate dysplasia extends focally to endocervical margin, ectocervical margin is clear. ... (1 replies)

... r is an area of high grade squamous dysplasia, amounting to CIN 3. Squarmous cells show nuclear hyperchromasia and enlargement with absence of normal maturation. Dysplasia extends to the endocervical margins but does appear clear of the ectocervical margin. No invasive malignancy is demonstrated. ... (1 replies)
Pathology Report
Dec 11, 2011
... Involving surface epithelium at 1, 2, and 4 o'clock. Ectocervical margin at 2, 5, 6, 8, and 10 o'clock is involved with severe dysplasia. ... (1 replies)
... It said the endocervical margins were clear but for ectocervical is showed high grade dysplasia...does that mean that as wide as he went on the surface of the cervix, he still didn't get it all? ... (9 replies)
... It said the endocervical margins were clear but for ectocervical is showed high grade dysplasia...does that mean that as wide as he went on the surface of the cervix, he still didn't get it all? ... (9 replies)
... Thank you so much for asking and responding... Here is the path report: GROSS AND MICROSCOPIC DIAGNOSIS: A. CERVIX, CONIZATION: SEVERE DYSPLASIA (CIN III) WITH - 1. Endocervical gland involvement 2. Endocervical margin free of dysplasia. 3. Ectocervical margin with high-grade dysplasia involving a deep endocervical gland from the 12:00-3:00 o'clock position. (9 replies)
... Please let me know what you find out from the 2nd opinion since I am in the same boat as you are. I had cone this March too and the result is Carcinoma in situ/CIN3 at 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00 locations. My doctor told me I can do another cone or get hysterectomy. I am so scared to have hysterectomy since it is a major surgery but also do not want to risk my life if I don't do... (8 replies)
... My doctor told me to wait six more months from March to further treat it. He said it was positive margins but the report I think says ectocervical clear, endocervical margins positive, is this right? ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for responding. I forgot to mention that they had me make an appointment right then and there for this Thursday. I think the urgency of it all makes me worry. The nurse would not tell me anything else. She said i had to talk to the dr. I guess I could call but i have the feeling i'm not going to get anywhere until i see the dr thursday. I have been worried about the... (3 replies)
... The endocervical margin is the one in on the inside. It basically means they didn't go quite deep enough. The ectocervical margin would be external. If it was involved, that means they didn't go quite wide enough. ... (3 replies)
... after Cone
Jun 10, 2009
... can be used to treat your dysplasia before it gets to CIN III? ... (60 replies)
Pathology reports?
Apr 23, 2008
... So, I've posted that I've been having some problems with bleeding and occasional cramping after intercourse. I'm getting a second opinion because my doctor does not want to do any further investigating. Which I think this deserves. With my history of abnormal paps and ECC's, I'd rather have 2 or even 3 Dr's tell me nothing's wrong. Anyway, here's what they say: Diagnosis ... (2 replies)
... Hello Ladies: In January I had a LEEP because my paps were coming back LGSIL and the colposcopies were always negative. The LEEP revealed I had CIN II, but due to the orientation of the specimen taken during the LEEP, the pathologist could not say if the CIN was endo- or ectocervical. The margins came back unclear. I had a pap at the end of May and in mid September and... (0 replies)
... the ECC might have identified the dysplasia in the canal. ... (3 replies)
... of these had cytologic abnormalities after LEEP. Grade of dysplasia, ectocervical marginal status, endocervical marginal status, and glandular involvement with dysplasia were not found to be independent risk factors for early cytologic abnormalities. ... (2 replies)
... this is what my path report reads (my second leep) please let me know what you think??? High grade Squamous intraepithelial lesion (CIN III/ Carcinoma in situ) present at the ectocervical margin in A1 and A2 High grade dysplasia present focally at the endocervical margin in A2 chronic cervicitis with ciliated metaplasia of endocervical gland (see note) note: the high... (3 replies)
... I had a LEEP performed for moderate dysplasia and I am confused about the pathology report. It says "moderate squamous dysplasia extending to the ectocervical margin of resection". Next to that my doctor wrote "margins brushed extensively". Can anyone tell me what this means? ... (1 replies)
... Sections of Part C including multiple deeper sections completely trhough block C2 are examined.these show cervixindluding trasformation zone with squamous dysplasia characterized by enlared, crowded, pleomorphic nuclei with increassed mitosis. There is a FOCAL INVOLVEMENT of the endocervical margin. ... (1 replies)

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