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... Hi Badprop, I know i've come in a bit late on this particular thread, but i've been doing research for my own issues with a friable cervix, bleeding during pap tests and now my first experience of bleeding after actual sex. ... (23 replies)
... Hi Badprop, I'm sorry to hear this. I wanted to let you know that your English is just fine. I've never heard the term "friable cervix" so I had to look it up. Like Jessica said, it means it is easily irritated and can bleed easily. From what I've read there are several reasons it can be that way: HPV, chlymidia, other infections. When it comes to the pain in your... (23 replies)
... Oh ok! :) If it makes you feel any better I had bleeding after sex ,this was caused by me also having a "friable cervix". Strangely enough I had what is called bacterial vaganitis, simply an infection that irritates the cervix. I was treated for that and the bleeding/pain/swelling went down and stopped all together. ***Hugs and Vrede :)*** Jess (23 replies)

... I am so sorry that you are having to go through this!. Your cervix may just be swollen and pressing on your bowel from the irritation. ... (23 replies)
... They picked up I have a friable cervix and I need a Colp urgently. They don't tell you anymore than that and I am at the end of my wits. What does a friable cervix mean? ... (23 replies)
... Oh my goodness!. How can they be so sure you have cancer outright?. Did he visually see a tumor on/in your cervix?. You are in my thoughts and prayers!... Jess (23 replies)
... From doing research on the internet, it seems as though a cervix that bleeds easily is a symptom and not a disorder in itself. Has anyone been told they had a cervix that bleeds easily and tested negative for all other possible causes? ... (1 replies)
... these green filters .So far this is not what I was expecting I had one before so I thought I Knew. Haha no I did not. It wouldn't stop bleeding he said I have a friable cervix and said that's probably why I'm bleeding during Intercourse. I was able to read what the doctor wrote but nothing back from the labs. ... (0 replies)
Cin 1
Jul 21, 2010
... she does the pap or otherwise touches the cervix. If it is the latter, it is called a friable cervix. This is not necessarily a dry cervix. ... (3 replies)
... but there is a term for a cervix which bleeds easily. ... (1 replies)
Mar 29, 2009
... t get a result so she did a colcoscopy along with the vinegar wash. It came back normal. I've always bled for pap smears and was simply told i had a 'friable' cervix and nobody has bothered to look into anything until i came across this particular doctor. I took the antibiotics and that was it. ... (8 replies)
... He also said friable cervix and after getting the sample for the PAP I bled for 2 days!! ... (2 replies)
... I am so glad you are doing better as well. And I am so glad your going to a higly rated cancer center. I'm sure they will take good care of you. That is so true about friends. It's great to have good ones! Hugs! (23 replies)
... I second everything Pickle said, and cannot say it better. Although I will add, you are mighty brave!! Like Jess said, keep that fighting spirit, and you will be just fine. I know the pain must be awful, but remember, if that's what you have to get through to get to the end of this and being restored to health, then you will get through it and one day it will just be a... (23 replies)
... I'm glad you are doing better today! ((((hugs)))) and I'm so glad to hear that everyone in your life is so caring and helpful! That will come in handy! Lean on us when you need/want. We are here for you! Most women agree that regardless of how helpful real life people are, sometimes they just don't understand the extent of the emotinal roller coaster, seemingly... (23 replies)
... I hope that they can resolve this easily for you!. I have to say that you are being a whole bunch more positive than I would be given the diagnosis!. The trick I think to winning the battle will be staying that way. So from what you have said you have been bleeding constantly or just very heavily during your menses?. I hope that they can give you an operation, and that you... (23 replies)
... Feeling so much better today:) The next step is the CT scan and then we know what we have to deal with. Told hubby if I become a 'sports model' I would need to drive a 'sports model car'. Small 2 door cabriolet in other words;) Hehe. The doctor explained that the reason I won't stop bleeding is due to the cancer, he has prescribed me morphine pills for the pain but... (23 replies)
... ***hugs*** (23 replies)
... So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but just because it's invasive doesn't mean they can't treat you, and doesn't mean that treatment can't be quite manageable! Both Pickle and I had invasive cancers, and we each *only* needed surgery, and are doing just fine!! No one wants to hear the C word, nor invasive -- and believe me, I know how scared and frustrated you are. But... (23 replies)
... ((((Hugs)))) What have they said is the next step? (23 replies)

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