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Raised CA125
Dec 4, 2013
... Hi, I recently had a lot of blood tests done at my GP's surgery. A couple of the blood tests came back raised: I have some auto-immune antibodies raised and will probably go to rheumatology eventually. Perhaps more worriesome is my CA125. I have a reading of 44.7 U/ml (Normal range 0-35). I have to go for a scan pretty pronto. A little background. I am 37 years... (2 replies)
... Hi WonderWoman. Sorry I have taken so long to get back onto the boards - finally got a spare moment tonight to log on! I got the CA125 results back and they were fine - sitting at 17 so no real worries there. I also had my pelvic exam as scheduled and she said that she didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. I did, however, expect the exam to last a little longer as I... (5 replies)
... I get the results for the CA125 test on Tuesday and I'm feeling a little anxious. ... (5 replies)

... Hi Rachel, I had surgery on 9-13-2011 amd I'm healing at home. My 9cm complex cyst came back benign. Please tell me what all you found out about your cyst? I will pray for you... Good luck (13 replies)
... Hi, Just wondering what ever happened with your situation?? I am experiencing the same problems. (13 replies)
... Hi, Kali - I asked the doctor for it, because I was scared with the symptoms I was having. I work in the cancer field and probably 'know too much' (don't work with OC, specifically, just in the medical/oncology community). It does sound like the consensus is that it (CA125) is unreliable in our age group. Makes perfect sense what you are saying with 'fluctuating', as we... (2 replies)
... ymptoms since last fall. I have had multiple ultrasounds, CT scans, and an exploratory surgery that showed no signs of cancer. However, I have had one elevated CA125 which, combined with my symptoms, is causing me great distress. I have had two 'normal' readings of 19 and 32, but in between those two, had a reading of 46! ... (2 replies)
CA125 Questions
Sep 1, 2010
... Hi, Glad to hear that everything is normal. Congratulations ! I suppose you have already tried to help yourself with diet, fibre supplements, water, probiots etc.. Things that will help stool to pass more easily through the bowels. Exercise will also help of course (just a 30 minute walk per day is enough) and if you are carrying a few extra pounds, shedding those will... (3 replies)
... Hi all, I had a full hysterectomy 4yrs ago due to heavy periods, when they did the surgery they found I had a mass of lesions & adhesions stuck to my bowel, bladder & fallopian tubes & ovary. My consultant was fab & did a lot of lasering, it took me 6 months to recover & I was told the lesions & adhesions would grow back & eventually cause me similar probs, however I was told... (3 replies)
... Hi there ! i just found out about a month ago i had a mass the size of a babys head on my right ovary.They did a CA 125. My dr. told me that only sometimes the test will show the cancer gene.That is a good tool to use but not a prof postive blood test. My dr. told me that sometimes it show and in other cases it did not. That the test is not always right. Yes you should... (8 replies)
... Hi HArry and twisten Thank you for the replies. I have actually had the blood test done, the hospital said they would prefer if i could go today and have it so i went late this afternoon. So, now it is just sitting back and waiting. They should have the results by monday, so if i don't hear anything i would assume that is good news. Either way i have decided to have... (8 replies)
... Hi I had an ultrasound last week and it picked up a large cyst on my left ovary, i was originally told that nothing needs to be done and they will follow it up in 6 weeks with another ultrasound. Then i had a CT scan to look at the cyst in more detail and the same decision was made I have just had a bowel resection and having problems so i contacted my... (8 replies)
Jun 26, 2006
... Hi Rainbowbaby, I *think* a normal range is below 35 for the ca125. An elevated ca125 doesn't necessarily mean cancer, other things can cause this like endometriosis, inflammation/infection. I hope your mom can get some answers and some relief. Sorry I can't be much more help than this :( Karen (1 replies)
Jun 25, 2006
... Hi everyone, I am a newbie and would really like some help... My mum has been in hospital for 2 weeks... Her symptoms were contipation, reflux, vomiting, pain in lower left side, weight loss.... After further tests were done, they found a twisted bowl, a tumour in her bowel and also a tumour in her abdomen.... Doctors are yet to make a final diagnosis.... My question... (1 replies)
... Hi there, my sister recently had ct scan which showed a cyst 7cms on her 1/2 ovary (she had 11/2 ovaries removed 12 years ago from corpeus xxx something :)). In doing the ct scan the docs noted that her iud had perforated her uterus, as she is done with having children (she is 35 and has 5 children from her 1/2 ovary!!!!!), they think the best option is to go in to surgery (3... (3 replies)
... it said the findings are suggestive of a dermoid but tumors could not be excluded with certainty based upon the appearance of the adnexal lesions. My CA125 was 8. ... (0 replies)
... and may also lessen your life ultimately. The gyn onc did feel like this may be a mucinous tumor. The description of its size scares me. Does the fact that my ca125 number is low mean that if this is malignant, then maybe it is early stage and possibly treatable? ... (6 replies)
... About 6 months ago I had an ultrasound and a 3cm solid cyst was found on my left ovary. Over the next 4 or 5 months I had 2 more ultrasounds and a ca125 test, which was normal, I think it was 5. And the cyst didn't change, it didn't get bigger or smaller. ... (1 replies)
... I understand your wanting to have it removed. Did your doc give you a CA125 test to at least ease your worries? ... (20 replies)
... My doctor did a CA125 which was 35. ... (2 replies)

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