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... up in six months because my HPV hasnt cleared up yet. ... (0 replies)
... My doc said, "If your HPV was positive, this would be an entirely different ballgame. I'd be scheduling you for surgery. ... (6 replies)
... The colpo can only highlight cells that are visible at that magnification (colpos have 3 magnifications, I think) AND are visible in that part of the cervix or vagina. This excludes the endocervical area and the uterus. My precancer cells were found in the endocervical canal. My colpo looked so good the doctor didn't take a biopsy of the exocerix. The precancer was... (10 replies)

... No, inducing regression means the opposite--it would cause the lesion to regress (instead of progress), as in go away. I see what you mean about the point of the leep. I do think that a correctly-done colpo SHOULD highlight all bad or potentially bad areas, INCLUDING HPV-infected areas that haven't progressed to dysplasia, but you are right, it doesn't always and it is not... (10 replies)
... and I've always had good paps. I had my pap in December. My results came back in January. Pap was good, HPV was positive for high risk HPV. ... (10 replies)
... It sounds like your doctor is on top of things. I always suggest an ECC if the doctor does a colposcopy, and your doctor has already done that. Remember, the Pap smear is only for screening for atypical cells. The colposcopy looks for lesions (which can be biopsied). I think (though I'm not positive) the biopsies and ECC biopsy for dysplasia. The LEEP/cone biopsy/etc... (10 replies)
... They'd be able to call a trich infection on colposcopy, or by wet mount. But based on your test results, you can be sure the cervicitis is part of the HPV. Whether the cervicitis is causing CIN or the other way around really doesn't matter. It's like the chicken or the egg question. ... (10 replies)
... have TONS of information...GREAT! Sounds like the HPV (I agree its probably not gone in 4mos but then again who knows)is what is causing the CINII type cell changes. Also sounds like LEEP is the plan and hopefully that will get rid of the dysplasia.:angel: Follow up sounds similiar to what others have posted so thats good. There is a woman on another board I watch... (10 replies)
... I think Cervicitis and CIN are two distinct situations meaning you can have one without the other. Cervicitis sounds like an infection of the cervix and infections can cause cellular changes and result in an abnormal PAP probably an ASCUS result. ... (10 replies)
... Hi - I just got my colposcopy biopsy results back. Let me preface this by saying I had FOUR paps done since January of 2007 - January 2007 and June 2007 were normal AND I was tested for all sexually transmitted diseases and they were normal too. Then I had a pap done in September of 2007 and it came back as abnormal but no HPV. Another was done in March and it came... (1 replies)
CIN3/HPV Negative
Apr 17, 2008
... This makes me extremely nervous. I believe the HPV test is crap, in that when it shows positive you definitely have it, but when it shows negative you probably still have it. ... (7 replies)
CIN3/HPV Negative
Apr 16, 2008
... It is possible that after having my second son, my low immune system wakes up my sleeping HPV virus ? ... (7 replies)
... Lesions vary in size with the individual. My first abnormal pap came back (LGSIL) CIN I. They did a biopsy on three spots. First one at 7:00 o'clock measured 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.2cm, second one at 1:00 o'clock measured 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.2cm and the third one ECS 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.1cm. The path report came back chronic cervicitis and squamous metaplasia at 7:00, high grade squamous... (36 replies)
... d like it wasn't really a big deal, so i'm sure it's nothing really serious..but now i'm scared all over again. they said my path report did say something about hpv related changes. is that what caused my inflammation? ... (0 replies)
... Lt. Vaginal Wall. Koilocytosis consistent with HPV effect. Benign vaginal tissue. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, Britney! Sounds like you were diagnosed with HPV five years ago...I know, that sucks to hear...from my understanding it goes in to's like herpes...the gift that keeps on giving.... ... (2 replies)
... it cam back good so they told me to come back in 3 months for a repeat pap. I did and it came back ASCUS with high risk hpv. The dr. did a coposcopy and he found cervicitis no cancer but he did cryo and he cauterized it once a week and when I went back for my repeat pap last week, it came back LGSIL. ... (3 replies)
... Dear All: First of all, I am new to this board but I've actually gone through some of the posts here in the past few weeks since I've received notice about my abnormal pap. Just a background, I'm 34, and that was my first pap ever! Sadly, I was told that abnormal cells were found - LSIL, and as a precaution,(I guess the doctor was being conservative) underwent Colposcopy... (3 replies)
... lowly, and it is highly treatable. This does not make you feel better right now, of course, but with annual Pap smears and monitoring your daughter should be OK. HPV is very common and your daughter should be fine with proper treatment and follow up, which it sounds like she is getting. ... (8 replies)
... My daughter had an abnormal pap and she had a colposcopy she has hpv and her numbers came back on paps, 16,18,3133 35 39 45 51 52 56 58 59 68. ... (8 replies)

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