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... It's not typical to bleed for so long after a colposcopy. You're probably fine, but see your gyno for a checkup to be sure you don't have an infection or wound that won't heal. ... (2 replies)
... ies and like a day later I started getting the really yucky tissue balls and coffee grain discharge, so I went to the local surgery and the doctor said it was an infection and prescribed me a week's worth of antibiotics. ... (3 replies)
... When I had my colposcopy the doctor didn't take a biopsy of the exocervix. ... (9 replies)

... Thanks Pickle eyes for your detailed explanations. how are your treatments going? errr, ya, i got more info here than my dr's office. my laser treatment is scheduled in mid june, so i ll be very careful next time. anyway, i dont know if i need to do anything to prevent the possible infection? or just wait n see. oh by the way, i read ppl's posting and saw some talk abt... (9 replies)
... These ladies are correct (as I understand the wait after a biopsy before anything goes into the vagina). There are several reasons: 1) pain and swelling; 2) pulling stitches (if any) and/or breaking off scabs too early; 3) infection - there are open wounds (even if tiny) and anything you insert into the vagina can introduce bacteria that can cause an infection. I am NOT... (9 replies)
... I'm told you can have discharge that is similar to coffee grounds. I believe after colpo you can expect bleeding (they've removed small parts of your cervix), cramping (especially if they did the Endocervical Curr) etc. Everyone will be different but it doesn't sound out of the realm of possiblity. Now...after colpo I was told NOTHING in the vagina for at least 1 full... (9 replies)
... gingertea is correct. What you are seeing is the Monsul solution. The solution stops the bleeding. Depending on how much you were the bleeding the more the doctor will put. I know for a fact only because my last colpo my dr had a hard time stopping the bleeding and had to keep putting more and more monsul solution. She was telling me as she was applying it. In turn I had the... (12 replies)
... ting the pap in a certain number of months. Ditto for abnormal pap results caused by low risk HPV types since they tend to revert to normal. Natural cell changes after menopause can also cause abnormal paps that may not be anything serious. ... (4 replies)
... I just came back from having the colposcopy and cervical biopsy done and I wanted to share my experience with others. ... (6 replies)
... fully answer your question because I am not a Doctor or medical professional....all I can tell you is what my experience was and maybe that can help you. I had a colposcopy done a few weeks ago and they took 4 biopsy samples from my cervix. I do not know what a "punch" biopsy is so I don't know if that is different from what I had. ... (1 replies)
... biotics for a scrap that got infected, 10 days of those and they gave me my 1st ever yeast infection. After my treatment for that I went back to my dr to make sure the yeast was gone and she said it was and went ahead and did my pap that day. ... (2 replies)
... mode and by the time of my colposcopy 6 weeks later, the cell changes had gone away. ... (6 replies)
... You do not want to do anything that could cause an infection or affect the healing process of your cervix. That includes putting anything into your vagina before your cervix has healed. ... (2 replies)
... They said that after my leep they would send off the removed tissue for further biopsy. ... (5 replies)
... Actually, I was told not to have sex for 3-5 days following colposcopy. I think you may have heard your doctor correctly. 3 weeks seems way longer than necessary just for a colposcopy. I think the main thing with having sex isn't injury, it's that sex increases your chances of infection. So pay attention for any weird smells or if you run a fever and go to the doctor. (2 replies)
... it. First of all I don't think my symptoms are similar to that of a bacterial infection. Also I don't understand how they can confuse CIN III with a bacterial infection on a biopsy. ... (2 replies)
... I am wondering if this is what is happening to me....I had my colposcopy yesterday and have had very little discharge. I feel very swelled up down there too. ... (12 replies)
... I know they use iodine during the colposcopy, so it definitely could be that. I had a terrible colposcopy experience. My vagina swelled up so nothing came out for like 3 days, and then it was a ton of brown chunky crap!! It was disgusting!! ... (12 replies)
... So, I had a colposcopy on last Friday (week ago today). Had the typical discharge for a few days, then on Tuesday started bleeding. Not a LOT, just mostly in spurts with a few small (maybe dime size) clots. My whole body feels like I'm on my period, like I used to be. I've been on BC for years and barely have a period anymore, but this feels like periods of old, complete... (1 replies)
... I just got back from the After Hours Pediatrician... a four year old with a wicked yeast infection and UTI. Trying to make her pee when she knows that it is going to hurt... then seeing a blood clot come out... ... (9 replies)

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