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... and since my pathology from my surgery was totally clean, it couldn't be justified since I thankfully had no residual disease and it therefore wouldn't affect my future treatment. ... (19 replies)
... Is that different than a pathology report? ... (19 replies)
... I have not received any of my pathology reports. Are the results written in laymans terms? ... (19 replies)

May 3, 2009
... so he passed through the infected part of the cervix for each of the first two procedures. My pathology after my next surgery showed absolutely no residual disease, which confirmed that the earlier results were false positives due to contamination. ... (16 replies)
... OK so I called and jumped through all the hoops to get my pathology results. I had to leave a message but they called back and said that everything was showing normal! NORMAL Yippee! ... (17 replies)
... The wait for the results is killing me!! I thought I would be fine but here I am today looking up the number to call the doc and then closing the book saying give them a week, then looking it up again, and closing the book thinking ...what the hell am I doing they said it would take 10 days? The waiting awful. I am being so snippy too. My mind keep going..hmm what did I... (17 replies)
... now that it is not OK to have unclear margins for AIS, I'm not sure about CIN but I know someone else will be able to comment. I am SO glad you are getting your pathology report, I actually called the pathologist who looked at my samples and he was really helpful. It might not be a bad idea to give yours a ring too! ... (10 replies)
... Get copies of your pathology reports.. give yourself that much peace of mind to at least be able to read and discern for yourself through research what is really going on... ... (11 replies)
LEEP Tomorrow
Mar 30, 2009
... Glad it went well! It only gets easier from here. :) Please let us know when you find out the pathology! (12 replies)
Mar 20, 2009
... cause they did do that haha. I will make sure to get the copy of my pathology report! thanks! ... (6 replies)
... since all of the pathology work was done at the local hospital. ... (70 replies)
... When I called and made the appt. I was only asked about my pathology reports. ... (70 replies)
... Well poo.... Oncologist appt. on Thursday morning... List of question - check Copies of pathology - check Insurance info - check Stern lecture typed of because of the failure of my ob/gyn - check Contemplating printing up a t-shirt "All I want is a happy cervix" ... I'm sure that will get a few stares... So is that everything or am I missing something? (70 replies)
... I couldn't wait so I called the Dr. this morning and ran down to get the rest of the pathology reports... ... (70 replies)
... I second that! :bouncing: (70 replies)
... onc since you have the AIS on your pathology report. ... (70 replies)
... Now for the good news. Your pathology report indicates glandular lesion "only. ... (70 replies)
... our doctors dont omit very careful details about our diagnosis, have people we dont know jabbing this or that into our nether regions or bits cut out of us, read pathology reports, call specialists, go to what could be life changing appointments and carry on after the fact....And in the midst of all these things enjoy life. ... (70 replies)
... Luvbug, does your pathology report clearly state that two types of cells are involved, squamous and glandular? ... (70 replies)
... You may want to get a copy of the pathology lab. I'd be interested in knowing specifics, or you can PM me. Thanks much for replying. ... (70 replies)

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