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... Did your pathology report say what types of cells you have? ... (2 replies)
... Hello brieaukirsch, Thank you for your reply! Laser wasn't mentioned as an option for me, but I will definitely ask (I'm going to go for a second opinion in about a week). I'm in the metro Twin Cities area, so if it's going to be an option anywhere in MN, it should be available somewhere around here. I don't know if what I have is considered a large lesion - what I... (12 replies)
... there is no pathology to send to the lab to call margins and depth of penetration. ... (12 replies)

... deeper, then I would have had to have had a radical hyst and lymph nodes removed. The pathology report from my hyst said that there was no residual cancer. All cancer was removed during the cone biopsies. ... (5 replies)
... Anyway, the way I understand it, the difference between the LEEP and a cold knife cone are the following. ... (5 replies)
... tal as outpatient surgery. My story is in a thread called "Worried." I'm glad you found these boards, they really helped me deal with everything going on. The LEEP was not bad at all, I loved the hospital staff and I loved my doctor. I knew exactly what I was going to expect and was put at ease by it. ... (5 replies)
... I've heard of this happening but rarely. First, I'm really happy your leep came back "only" mild dysplasia. ... (27 replies)
... Thanks everyone for your responses. I healed better from my LEEP then I did from the biopsy but I did take it alot easier then I did after the biopsy. The pathology report showed that my margins are clear and that the LEEP removed all the abnormal tissue. ... (11 replies)
... When it comes to your situation, it is possible that the LEEP will be diagnostic and treatment in one procedure. The pathology on the LEEP will give your doctor a good idea of the extent of the dysplasia. ... (27 replies)
LEEP Results
Aug 14, 2008
... I know what I can do. I work in a hospital. I was just looking at my pathology report and I know the doc who did the pathology and signed off on it. I'll take my report to work with me tomorrow and ask him to explain the endocervical gland involvement. ... (10 replies)
LEEP Results
Aug 14, 2008
... Can you make an appointment with your doctor just to go over the pathology report? ... (10 replies)
LEEP Results
Aug 14, 2008
... I said I'm not sure I'm comfortable with waiting 6 months. Cindy said well Doc L knows your history and just read the pathology report and that's what she recommends. ... (10 replies)
LEEP Results
Aug 14, 2008
... I got my LEEP results today. I'm quoting the pathology report. ... (10 replies)
LEEP Today
Aug 4, 2008
... In July I had a colposcopy with ECC and another pap. I was told the colpo was clear, the pap came back HSIL and pathology had gotten a speciman container filled with formaldehyde and no ECC scrapings. ... (2 replies)
... I'd suggest you get copies of your pathology reports and read them. Then learn what they say. What type of atypical cells do you have? ... (2 replies)
... Pepper, I'm so glad the pathology came back showing that you had clear margins! There needs to be some serious celebrating! ... (2 replies)
... f you haven't received copies of your pathology reports, I suggest you ask for copies. ... (4 replies)
My LEEP results
Apr 28, 2008
... redgl37, I don't know if you know this, but when you go for a second opinion, that doctor should receive copies of all of your reports, lab results, pathology reports, etc. ... (4 replies)
Pathology reports?
Apr 23, 2008
... US Pap and LEEP were unremarkable, except for the squamous atypia, which could be the result of irritation, particularly since everything was normal with this report. ... (2 replies)
Pathology reports?
Apr 23, 2008
... So, I've posted that I've been having some problems with bleeding and occasional cramping after intercourse. I'm getting a second opinion because my doctor does not want to do any further investigating. Which I think this deserves. With my history of abnormal paps and ECC's, I'd rather have 2 or even 3 Dr's tell me nothing's wrong. Anyway, here's what they say: Diagnosis ... (2 replies)

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