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... that my lesion may have been small enough that most of it was removed with the biopsy's done with the colpo and that the portion that was left was burnt with the leep machine. She said that this has happened before and that it is likely that it is all gone but we won't know for sure until my pap in three months. ... (29 replies)
... biopsy which showed CIN II so I had a LEEP done. The Leep pathology confirmed CIN II. ... (23 replies)
... risk HPV and biopsy determined I had carcinoma in situ of the cervix. I had my LEEP done last week, and my doctor called me today that the pathology report was in and there was no disease. In my excitement to FINALLY have good news, I didn't think to ask what "no disease" meant. ... (1 replies)

... nothing was on the pathology report about it either. ... (5 replies)
... I had my LEEP last Tuesday, so almost a full week. The first day was pretty rough with cramping, so I took it easy. Since then, the cramping has continued, but is minor. ... (3 replies)
... I just had a LEEP procedure and Cone Biopsy 2 weeks ago today. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, ziggy. Congratulations on your clear margins, that's great. The ectocervix (the outer part of the cervix you can see when you look inside) is covered with squamous cells. The endocervix (the inner part of the canal that goes up to the uterus) is covered with glandular cells. Glandular involvement generally just means that the abnormal cells found were of those type,... (1 replies)
Leep results
May 14, 2011
... and she was pretty confused with the pathology report as well. Her main concern is with the endocervical gland involvement. ... (3 replies)
... I'd say go with what you feel comfortable with :) ... Since you know where you stand and have been "there before" with a different diagnosis, from a personal and emotional level its probably best to do what you want instead of waiting around with the stresses of biopsies and waiting for pathology. Good luck with whatever you choose :) (3 replies)
... I was supposed to have an endometrial biopsy back in December. I read up on it and was so, so, SO scared! I read that it's horribly painful. At the last minute, my doctor changed her mind and decided to do a D&C instead, for which I was unconscious, and which didn't hurt a bit. The wait for results was hard, but it turned out there was nothing wrong with me except a benign... (70 replies)
... I lived. The ECC was repeated since it was inconclusive. On the endometrial biopsy, my Dr thinks I did really well but she made me stay lying down a bit because of how much I ended up shaking. As the day goes on the cramps seem to be getting a little worse - I think the Advil is wearing off. Since my cervix bled again when it was held in place, some silver nitrate was... (70 replies)
... Absolutely. It's so difficult to enjoy the holidays with something like this hanging over you. It seems like everyone else is so carefree, their lives so "normal"... but once you dig deeper, everyone has their problems. Ill health and waiting for medical test results pretty much is "normal", since we all experience it sometime in our lives; most of us multiple times. The... (7 replies)
... The assistant explained to me that it takes a while for the full test results to come back. Looks like Im in a holding pattern until the doctor calls me with the pathology report. Im not letting this ruin my Holidays. Iv'e been going through abnormal paps and two coposcopies for over a year and a half. Why sweat it out now. ... (7 replies)
... The doctor will give you the results of the pathology report and tell you what your next plan of action is (wait and recheck if everything is ok or tell you what further procedures you might need). I strongly suggest you go and find out what the results were. (4 replies)
... I suggest you get copies of your pathology reports and of the doctors' visits, if possible. They will give you a better idea of what is going on. ... (1 replies)
... but she did do an ECC and said her staff would get back to me if the pathology results were normal, which she expected. ... (5 replies)
... I had my post-op checkup (two weeks) yesterday. As soon as the speculum was in place I felt uncomfortable pressure. Low pain, more pressure. He said I was about 90% healed which is good.....but more tender than I thought. Actually, that is the first pain I have felt from the surgery! Didn't feel any in the past 2 weeks! (5 replies)
... hi all! i was cleared last week at my 3 week follow up. good report, final pathology was cin 1, glandular involvement, margins all clear! yay! 6 month follow up. resumed all normal activities with NO problems at all. ... (5 replies)
LEEP results
Jul 16, 2009
... Let us know when you get your pathology report. ... (3 replies)
LEEP results
Jul 16, 2009
... I will call and get the pathology reports. I should have asked while I was there. ... (3 replies)

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