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... Hi everyone! I'm new here. I am a 31 year old female. I've never been pregnant or married, but I am sexually active with my long term boyfriend. Four weeks ago I got an abnormal pap, then a colposcopy that showed CIN II. Apparently lots of it. My OB insisted on general anesthesia for the surgery due to the amount of tissue being removed. I think I'm recovering well.... (0 replies)
... Hello, ladies, Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma after an abnormal pap and then biopsy. Last week I had a LEEP. The oncologist cut out a large area. He said it looked pretty invasive and bled a lot (vascularized). Five days after the LEEP (last night) I started with a low grade fever. It's been around 100'F on and off. The tricky part is I've also... (1 replies)
... had my leep in june, got pregnant in august. ... (5 replies)

... sue, are more likely to lead to a weakened cervix. If you're considering future pregnancies, it should be something to discuss with your doctor before doing the LEEP procedure. ... (5 replies)
... who recommended going the LEEP route with CINII. So looks like I will be having a LEEP soon. My dr. ... (5 replies)
... Went in for CIN1 that we'd been watching about a year and a half. I can't answer most of your questions because I'm past childbearing, but I did just have the LEEP a week ago. It was no big deal at all. No sedative at all. I asked the doctor to use a small speculum and I had some ibroprofen about a half hour before. ... (5 replies)
... risk for turning into cancer, and my LEEP was scheduled for October. I honestly don't know if a LEEP always has to be done for HGSIL, but my doctor seemed pretty steadfast that I needed one. ... (5 replies)
... so he sent me to a gyn onco which i visited yesterday and he recommended the LEEP procedure for me. He said its not a matter of days or even weeks but months that this has to be done. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Brexmom, I totally understand your confusion and worry. You have found the right place to ask questions, though. There are many women here who will help you all they can. Please forgive the length of this. I just started typing and got carried away. Very much like you, I never had a bad pap and I went every year since I was 19 (and I am 45). My doctor did an... (5 replies)
... Hi're right...there's alot out there and sometimes difficult to figure it all out. I'll do my best and I'm sure others will chime in as well. HPV is a virus. There are many strains of the virus some are considered HIGH RISk and others are considered LOW RISK. Both kinds can cause cellular changes on the cervix however the HIGH RISK strains cause changes that... (5 replies)
... me she saw nothing to worry about, but we went ahead with the biopsy just to make sure. Unfortunately for me the results came back HGSIL. I now have to go for a LEEP in the end of June, because it was the earliest I could be scheduled. ... (5 replies)
LEEP questions
May 9, 2008
... Mel I said it in the other thread, but I am so glad you talked with your doctor and that you feel better after the conversation. I didn't have a LEEP, I had a cold knife cone. They are similar in that they take the same types of samples, but they are different in how and how well the margins are preserved. Perhaps our recoveries are similar. I'll check back later and tell... (3 replies)
LEEP questions
May 9, 2008
... Hi Melgreeneyes (I like that name!!) I had the Leep done at the end of Jan 08 - and I did bleed and used a pad for a good 3 weeks, and then it stopped. I then had my period which was normal in the amount of time it lasted and amount of bleeding. I then skipped my Mar per - not sure why - but Apr came as scheduled and lasted a little bit longer than normal. For me, I did... (3 replies)
... i never had a watery discharge, mine contained like "old blood", that still hasnt quite stopped now,a lthough it did ease froa while, then i got carreid away carrying heavy shopping bags,a nd cleaning out teh arbbits hutch, i probably should ofw aited an extra week! anyhow its starting toe ase off again now (5 weeks post leep tommorrow), so i'm hoping after next weeks... (4 replies)
... This Tuesday it will be 3 weeks since my LEEP. I STILL have the watery discharge. How much longer should I expect this? Its very annoying.:mad: Also, if by some miracle the discharge is gone by this weekend, do you think I can get into a hot tub or pool? (4 replies)
... I had my leep and was awake and had no medication other than the numbing shot...which wasnt half as bad as I thought it would be! ... (2 replies)
... I had the LEEP and I had almost no bleeding after the procedure which I found strange. ... (2 replies)
... lled me back after I had my colposcopy about 2 weeks ago, and it confirmed I have moderate dysplasia, and inflamation. She told me I was going to have to get the LEEP done. They are going to put me under for this but she told me the procedure would last about 5 minutes. ... (2 replies)
... hey said the discharge meant I was still not healed and it could take up to 4 weeks. If they positioned you at an uncomfortable angle and you were asleep for the LEEP you could have hip pain, this is what they told me before I went in. ... (4 replies)
... I had my LEEP last Monday. I had no discharge for 1. ... (4 replies)

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