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Sex after Leep?
Apr 9, 2008
... weeks ago. It was done in the doctor's office with no anaesthesia. While not the most comfortable procedure in the world, I didn't find it exceptionally painful by any means. After the LEEP I had some cramping and light bleeding for 2 days. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for the encouragement. I'm very insecure on how this will affect my sex life and scared that the procedure might not work. ... (2 replies)
... I had my LEEP in summer 2014 and I abstained from intercourse for one month after the procedure. ... (2 replies)

... And second, I've been reading that sometimes woman can't achieve orgasm or it's painful during sex. Is that really the case? ... (2 replies)
... Youre pelvic pain and painful sex may be related to other problems, i was also suffering from those symptoms and was bleeding way too mych in between periods' i had a biopsy of my uterus that revealed i had chronic endometritis' which is an infection in my uterus, the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic, i am still taking them and in the mean time discovered that i have high... (5 replies)
Sex after LEEP
Jul 12, 2006
... It wasn't painful for me, but we waited 7 1/2 weeks (twice as long as the doctor recommended) and it made me start cramping and bleeding again (but only for a few hours) My doctor told me that some folks take longer to heal than others. I was really anxious about it though ... but things have gotten better since then... Hope this helps a bit! (2 replies)
Sex after LEEP
Jul 12, 2006
... But now, I find that sex is a bit painful...I don't know if I'm sort of thinking it's going to hurt, and that's almost what's causing it? ... (2 replies)
... I had the leep 3 years ago and for me it was painful to have sex for at least 3 months. It really takes that long to completely heal. The pain will go away don't worry about it. ... (4 replies)
... I had a cold knife cone done 7 weeks ago and am now also having some pain during sex. It kind of "stings" when I have deep penetration. I'm really scared I might have an infection. Does anybody know what the symptoms of having the cervix infected are? Does it always induce a high fever? (4 replies)
... how long did you wait after your LEEP to have sex? ... (4 replies)
Sex after LEEP
Nov 23, 2004
... Yes, by the time I got the ok from my doctor at my follow up appointment and my period it was 5 weeks afterward, but I had no problems. All went well and I had no bleeding or pain. :) (1 replies)
Sex after LEEP
Nov 23, 2004
... I don't need all the gory details, but it wasn't painful or anything afterwards is it? ... (1 replies)
... There was a period of a week or two right after my leep where I didn't bleed. and since then I have been bleeding on and off. ... (1 replies)
... abnormal cells showed on my pap, they said it would probably clear up then in a few months I had moderate to severe and needed a LEEP, I think the paper from the LEEP said it was CIN II. I guess I'm just worrying for no reason. The HPV test did come back negative so hopefully everything will be ok with my next pap. ... (5 replies)
... t everyone's situation was different! I didn't wait the full 6 weeks.. I made it to about 5..and I should have waited longer. I bled slightly and it was a little painful during and when I orgasmed...I know not many people have said that because it's a little embarrassing, but that was my experience. I hope that helped.. ... (2 replies)
... I had an abnormal pap when I went in for my first appointment after getting pregnant. The hospital scheduled me a colpo with in a few weeks. I was really scared but expecting it to be nothing. ... (17 replies)
... s can't diagnose CIN levels. What they can do is suggest that those levels of dysplasia might be present. You will know so much more about the dysplasia you have after the colpo. I have had one and, aside from all the emotional stuff going on, it is really no more painful and uncomfortable than a pap. ... (2 replies)
... i was told not to have sex for 6 weeks so I guess every doctor is different. However I waited 7 weeks just in case and it was still a bit painful. ... (5 replies)
... I agree with LOBO however, I wouldn't say you are going to be tighter there but after having the procedure I was scared to have sex and I definitely was very tense which could have made it seem much tighter. Its definitely not the same for a while so I really don't knwo how to describe it. ... (8 replies)
... which came back mild dysplasia. My doctor told me that it would most likely go away on its own. I went back in December and it got worse so my dr. scheduled a leep for february 3rd. I had the Leep done and OMG it HURT! ... (2 replies)

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