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... I had been having spotting after sex but then it got worse and was more blood also had been having pain and burning sensation when I went to the toilet after sex. They didn't saw much more to me and I felt ok about it but my partner is concerned that I had the polyp. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks! I think she did more of a colposcopy - I remember her stating that she was going to take the Normal Pap Test one step further ... and take a look inside. Thanks again. I will let you know once I hear something :) (14 replies)
... Hi Parker, Glad to hear that upon first look the gyne did not see anything abnormal. It is extremely difficult to see inside the cervical canal and I sincerely doubt that your doctor can rule things out simply by "looking" (if only it were that simple). You should know that the regular pap smear only takes cells from the opening of the cervix (which is normally visible... (14 replies)

... At your next appointment, you might ask your doctor about a colposcopy with an ECC to determine if the cervix is involved, especially the cervical canal. ... (14 replies)
... Oh gosh. I don't completely remember. I think I spotted right away and spotted for a week or two. I remember my "spotting" to be like what you've described "brown tinted vaginal fluid". I never spotted red or pink (except after the hyst when I over did it one day). How are you feeling? (4 replies)
... Ok its been 5 days and I am still bleeding, I thought I would wait and see if its eases off just encase the colposcopy bought on a heavy period after not havin one for nearly 2 years, When would you call a doctor? I feel really silly encase they say that I am havin a period! I have the implant in my arm so all I have had for nearly 2 years is on off spotting, not a full... (11 replies)
... I didnt have anything done other than a colposcopy and a biopsy taken, but I always bleed a little after intercourse or a smear, but thats juts spotting, it seems like anything that goes near or touches my cervix I bleed, but this is nothing what I have had before. ... (11 replies)
... I bled a lot like you are describing after my LEEP. I had a LEEP cone and it was quite aggressive. I bled heavily for 3 weeks. ... (11 replies)
... I had my colposcopy yesterday which I found a little painfull, I was very thankfull when it was over! ... (11 replies)
... CINll, and the Colo coming back negative, they just want to be sure they did not miss anything because the pap results maks them suspect. She said the spotting after LEEP is very small, and she did not see it interfearing with my operation. ... (8 replies)
... I had a good bit of spotting for about 2 days after my colpo and it went away within the 2 days. HTH! ... (11 replies)
... Hello, Can someone please say something to calm me down? I made another post here but for some reason people haven't responded. I'm 27 y.o., very worried because I had an abnormal pap after having gone without a pap for 4+ years - showed HGSIL. I've had multiple sex partners in the past 2 years, prior to that I just had one and we were each other's first. I'm... (3 replies)
... which I have had at LEAST four times. My experience with that was fine. A little cramping and spotting after. It felt like cramps! I take ibuprofen 800mg before I go. So if the ECC is anything like getting pieces of your cervix can do this!!! ... (38 replies)
... i actually did go to the er. they did blood tests and a pelvic. of course the er doc couldnt tell how bad it was because of all the blood. i was changing diapers every 10 min. i had to wear diapers because there was just to much blood. he said the blood test showed that my blood count was a little low but not low enough for a blood transfusion. but that was the only thing i... (2 replies)
... LOL this sounds like many posts i posted. I had a colposcopy last week. My first one and i was so nervous about it i was throwing up blood and crying constantly! ... (5 replies)
... I called the hospital after the first 10 days of bleeding and I was brushed off, I was told that it's normal to bleed. ... (3 replies)
... I just posted this on the women's health board, but after reading some posts here, thought I'd add it with a few edits on this board as well... ... (4 replies)
... I did the Endometrial biopsy at the time of the PAP test. The reason was occasional spotting between periods. I am still waiting for a written report so I can tell you exactly the verbiage used , but the Dr. told me that it was negative. ... (27 replies)
... I haven't had my leep done yet, but I know after my colposcopy I spotted on and off for at least a month. ... (3 replies)
... My doctor performed the leep after I had the colposcopy. I guess the dysplasia was quite severe so they said the leep had to be done again. The same thing happened the first time I had it. ... (4 replies)

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