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... For alot of people the hydrocodone gives you a different "feeling" of pain relief. I am not saying the morphine IR would not work better but you may find yourself more sedated and nauseated. ... (3 replies)
... I'm taking 30mg morphine sulfate extended release every 12 hours which is 2 a day,and I'm taking 10mg lortab 3 times a day for break thru,he suggested I ask for 15mg morphine sulfate immediate release 3 times a day for break thru instead of the lortab.Anyone have luck with this? ... (3 replies)
... Yes, morphine sulfate 15mg IR is stronger than the lortab 10's you are taking. ... (7 replies)

... m the only one having this problem. Years ago I was given 15mg morphine sulfate for an injury and it was very helpful in controlling the pain. ... (1 replies)
... Ok so before I ask my doctor about switching my lortab 10's to morphine sulfate 15mg ir's am I doing the smart thing as far as pain relief? ... (7 replies)
... Thanx Whit for taking the time to answer my question.;) (7 replies)
... For alot of people the hydrocodone gives you a different "feeling" of pain relief. I am not saying the morphine IR would not work better but you may find yourself more sedated and nauseated. ... (7 replies)
... bro,arthritis,bulging disc in my back and neck.Previously I have been on neurotin,vicodin,lortab 5,7.5,and 10's,then tried percocets and tramodol.Now I'm on a LA morphine and lortab fro bt but I'm still not at a acceptable pain level so I'm trying to figure out what to suggest to my doctor when I go back Tuesday.... ... (7 replies)
... I was given 15mg Morphine Sulfate Extended Release tablets to replace the Fentanyl and Oxycodone I was perscribed. ... (19 replies)
... e stronger maybe 30mg. I do get relief but it takes me administering the IRs. I previously asking about kadian which is probably the smoothest and longest acting morphine product. Has anyone been switched to kadian from morphine? ... (3 replies)
... immediate. But one thing to remember, MSC does not work the same as other LA medications. When you take it within 45 minutes one half of the dosage, in your case 15mg is released, then again around the 5 hour mark the last half is released. ... (3 replies)
... Actually I know the different pain 'feeling' you're talking about.I dont know why but I dont get that euphoric fog on the morphine like I had at the beginning of taking lortab,plus the morphine doesnt hurt my stomach like other narcotics. ... (7 replies)
... are very expensive and If you insurance will cover the 5mg than I think they will cover the 15mg or 30mg Oxy Ir? ... (5 replies)
... I've taken 60mg 3xday for a couple of years with 15mg oxy for breakthrough pain for about 2 years now. When I first got bumped up to the 60s I noticed the same thing. ... (17 replies)
... Hello friends, I have lots of questions about my pain medications, and seeking some positive support about living with pain. It seems like I have walked my way around the healthboards like a person plays Monopoly! When I started out on the stroke board, I never would have imagined I would eventually skip my way across the kidney board, to the heart board, the womens... (42 replies)
... I hope the Morphine works for you. It has been a blessing for me. No more icky sticky stuff on my body, and only having to take MSIR 15mg once a day at most, and sometimes can get by with a half. YAY. ... (5 replies)
... Most people do develop tolernace to there meds. And if these particular meds are working for you, the doctor may choose to increase the dosage so you can keep the current type of meds or he may choose to put you on something different it all depends on the doctor and you (The patients) input to him. Your still at a low enough dose of the MS contin and the percocet to go... (1 replies)
... Hello, and welcome! There are many people here with a wide array of experiences, so hang in there and you'll find several to help on a variety of issues that pop up. As a general rule, any immediate release pill will take 45-60 minutes to work. It has to disolve and then be absorbed by your blood stream and/or your intestine. When pills come in a long acting version,... (3 replies)
... Also, since you've asked about conversions so much, as I posted earlier, Oxycodone is roughly 2 x of oral morphine. Thus, the 15mg of initial release oral morphine is roughly equal to 7.5 Oxycodone. ... (20 replies)
Aug 30, 2004
... x3 for bt. When her pcp wrote her script this month it was written for morphine sulfate with the correct dosing schedule. Pcp forgot to write ES after the morphine sulfate, so what the pharmacist correctly filled the script as was for MSIR 15mg. ... (2 replies)

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