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Hi group! Its been a while since i've been on here. I was taking oxycotin 60 mg. tid,along with 15 mg. oxycodone IR 2x a day as needed. I was on this dosage for quite sometime. She wanted to raise my base med to 80 mg. tid,but i suggested i wanted to wait until the cold weather arrived,so i wouldn't ask to up it any higher. Well,the cold weather is here,and i saw her last week,and i said i'm ready for my increase[wich she had no problem doing so] she also said that since i will be on the 80 mg tid,i should most likely no longer need anything for breakthrough pain. Well,i feel i do,It is so unbelievable how my relationship is with my doc[compared to the others i had in the past] i'm sure when i see her again she will do it,i also suggested when the weather gets warmer,i go back down to 60 mg. tid.Anyway,since i'm on the 80s now,[just your opinions,she's going to do whats best] what would you's suggest b.t] 15 mg o.codone,or 30 mg one or twice a day? I truly believe no matter what the dosage of my base med,i'm going too need somthing for b.t Any feedback would be very helpful!

thanks or reading-madhatter :rolleyes:


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