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Hi again Mr.Cool and thanks for the info. It looks like you are in fact maxed out on your hydro dose, If your doctor wanted to up your meds he would have to put you either on Norco with no tylenol or bump you back up to the Oxy.
One of the quickest ways there is to pee off a PM doc is to make repeated trips to the ER. You are basically saying that your pain is out of control and your pain management non existant. We all land in the ER from time to time, but using it on any kind of regular basis makes our doctors look to the ER department like they arent doing their job and keeping you stable. If your meds are not working, do you call the doctor first, and have him send you to the ER where he okays a shot, or do you just say thats it, cant take this pain, I'm going in.? I think if you call the doctor everytime you are suffering, He will recognize the need to step up and treat you more agressively.
How is your relationship with your doctor? Do you feel he listens to your concerns and gives you enough time to discuss everything you want? If not I would ask when schedualing your next appointment if they can give you an extra 10=15 minutes to make sure you have time to discuss everything.
Are you taking any non narcotic pain meds, for nerve pain or inflammation? Sometimes those in conjunction with your narcotic meds works better than just upping the opiate. Possibly the doctor would be willing to try you on a LA med too, the patch or oxycontin. I'm sure others will have more and better advice for you, I wish you luck,
Hi, I agree w/ fabs, but i ned to docs and pharms say there is NO hydro without any other Norco, or any other hydro thats just PLAIN hydro. I called today, and there is only hydro w/ tylenol, or vicoprofen hydro with ibuprofen... Just wondering if you have any insight about hydro withOUT anything else... Sorry to repeat, but i have been told repeatedly that there is no Hydo thats not in combination with another anagesic.
Just asking as you had stated that you didnt see why he hadnt been put on Norco w/ no tylenol. Thanks so much!!! Im trying to find some better b/t meds, and my doc doesnt want to go to oxy....I know...lucky me.:rolleyes:
Hey Mr. Cool-
Sorry to hear about your dilema. I know it's frustrating and angering to the point where you just want to explode! My primary doctor had to treat me for several months until my new PM doctor had an appoinment to get me in. (I had to wait months- literally!) Anyway, I adore my primary, but she wasn't keen on prescribing narcotics even though she had the MRI's, nerve test results, and other diagnostic tests and results in her hands confirming all of my stuff that is causing the chronic pain. She put me on neurontin, Lyrica & then reluctantly gave me a scrip for 30 vicodin 5 mgs. She told me to make the vicodin last for 30 days. That is ONE a day. I did get it filled, but refused to take one unless I was hurting so bad that I was bedriden. And then, I would only take one which did nothing. The Lyrica I had to stop because of problems.

Anyway, saying all of that brings me to this chronic pain patients, we already feel as though we have no control over even simple things in our daily lives. We have to plan everything around our pain, so when we feel we have no input or control over our medication situation, it really does tend to make a bad situation worse. Many of us here know exactly how you are feeling. Do we want to "buck" what out doctors say? Nope- don't want to cause any waves- especially those of us who had to wait months to even get in with a PM doctor. Do we have the right to voice our concerns and opinions? YES! But, how do we go about that without feeling like we look like some kind of drug seeker?

I realized that if I wasn't totally honest with my PM doctor, there would be a great chance my pain would continue to be in control of my life. I started writing down things I needed to speak with my PM about. I did it all on the computer, and added to it as needed. Then, I would print two copies. One for the doctor, one for me. It had information about how pain is affect my daily routine, how the medications I'm currently on are helping, and any questions I had regarding treatment and treatment options.

I asked at my second appointment with the new PM doctor if I am able to request certain medications. He told me, "Absolutely. You know what has worked and what hasn't and I will always take your feelings into consideration." Well, he put his money where his mouth is because when he said that, I told him that I wanted to add some form of vicodin to my regimine because when taken properly it eases my pain and it doesn't give me any kind of euphoric feelings and doesn't make me feel drowsy or nauseous like percocet does. He agreed that vicodin would be acceptable, but gave me Norco because of the tylenol levels. I've been using it since I've been with him and it does wonders along with the other things he has me on.

I agree with Fabby. Maybe considering something to go along with the Norco would be some benefit for you. I know, in my case, we use Neurontin and that does a great job with the nerve pain. We had to experiment with the dosing, but when we found the right one, I saw improvement very quickly. There are also some mild muscle relaxers we use as well. Not sure if any of your pain is muscular, but it might be worth mentioning. If your pain is more nerve pain, there are several other things you can add, such as Cymbalta, Lexapro, Lyrica and many others. Lots of these are antidepressants, but for some reason they actually do help with nerve pain.

We also have employed an Alpha-Stim which is kind of like a TENS unit, but for me, much MUCH better. I've done many things such as trigger point injections, PT, steroid injections, hydro therapy, bio-feedback- the list is a long one. Some work, some don't. What works I use, and what doesn't work I just don't even waste my time.

I am sorry for the long winded post Mr. Cool, but there is hope. I wish you the best. Just try and be honest with your PM doctor. Try not to come accross as demanding, but as the patient who just wants to do as much as he can to help the doctor to help him. You are your own best advocate because you know what you feel on a day to day basis, and you know how you feel mentally in dealing with this chronic pain.

Good luck, and keep checking back!

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