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Oh the replies are so great. I am so happy to hear I am not the only one. It seems to really be the people on Percocet or similiar drug (oxy) are complaining of the same thing. I was wondering if it is because the drug sorta gives you that great feeling when you first start taking it. I mean when I used to take Vicodin I felt like building a house or cleaning the garage or just hugging someone. But after a while of taking it, those warm feelings go away. I think percocet gave me the same warm feelings at first, but I dont get that anymore. I really think the meds sorta mes with you happy center. You get that artificial happy and then back down. It seems to many of those up and downs with the chemicals that it seems that you just get angry or irritated.

Many of you hit the nail on the head when you said you don't even want to talk to your friend for a few minutes on the phone. I used to love calling people, now I don't want to even sit on the phone pretending to be interested or happy.

I am one of those people that hate taking meds to try and be a normal person. I want to just be a normal fun person naturally. Like I said I was up to a year or so ago know as the fun one of the group. Very out going and just plain fun. I am still trying to up hold that title, but now it's actually work and effort to try and be that person I once was.

I think I am ready to try a Prozac or Cymbalta, but is it like pain meds, you have to keep taking more and more over years and years. Is it also something that if you stop that you will want to kill yourself or something. I just so don't want to do it. I just hate the though of having people know I am on anti depressants. I really think the pain meds do this to us.

Look at how many people felt like I was writing about them. I am asking all Prozac and Cymbalta users which ones they think they like more. Pro's and con's. Side effects most noted and anything else I should know.

I am going to look up some past posts on the 2 drugs, but any input would be great.

Thank god I am not the only one feeling this way!!

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