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Welcome to the Boards! There are alot of wonderful people here who care.

First of all, oxycodone is not for you. List it as an allergy from now on. Secondly, tell the prescribing doctor what you told us. These lifestyle and quality of life changes need to be noted and taken very seriously. Thirdly, the doc who put you on Fentanyl patches from norco, at 100mcgs, is an idiot. No wonder you had a car wreck, I am surprised you were breathing. He should have started you on the 25 or 50 mcg and monitored you from there. I know you were highly over medicated, but did the Fetanyl help your pain? Maybe the patch is an avenue for you, just at a much lower dose.

Also, going from short-acting to long-acting meds is a great step, but it can be tricky to determine what meds work well for you. There are MANY more you can try. Most pain docs start you off too low, then work you up to the right dose. There is LA Morphine, Methadone, Fentanyl, Opana, and some I think I am missing.

The bottom line is, there are options for you. You MUST be your own advocate and speak up with your doctor. The purpose of these meds os to increase your quality of life, not decrease it. Make the next available appt. with your PM and tell him what the Oxy is doing to you, AND your quality of life. Discuss with him your experience with Fentanyl, including the starting dose and car accident.

By the way, Oxycodone SR is a long-acting oxycodone. It is Oxycontin, and can be listed as oxycodone CR or SR, which is the long-acting formulation. The oxy SR is simply oxy with no tylenol, that is formulated to last 12 hours, though only lasts 8 hours for some. What is your dose, and does it help your pain at all?? Keep us updated and give us some more info if you can so that we can help you!

Hope that helps!


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