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Hello everyone,
I have been wanting to start a thread about compound meds for some time and I thought today would be a nice change instead of posting about sad things.
Anyway, heres why I take them, and I visited with the compound manager today for a good 20 minutes, and got some really good info. Maybe it will help some of you, Im hoping it will.
I was on oxycontin 20 mg. A months worth of tabs [60] for me WITH insurance has been running me 312.00. Today I got 90 20 mg oxycodone IR caps for 39.00 with insurance.
If you are interested in compounding here are some things youll need to know about oxycodone. They cannot compound ANY strength of oxycodone that is sold as a regular drug. For instance, you cant get LA compounded oxy in the 20, 30, 40, ect. strengths because they already come in oxycontin. They have a patent or some regulation so that it cant happen. BUT you can get 25 mg, 35 mg, ect of the long acting. whatever strength isnt sold regularly.
As far as the instant release oxy, its the same can get 10, 20, ect, instant release, but not anything that is sold regularly.
I know its confusing, but I had no clue, and my doc wrote me a strength the first time and I drove for 2 hours to get it filled and it was wrong.
Make sure your doc talks to the pharmacist and they will come up with a plan for you.
Ive not run ito it with the hydro though. Just oxycodone. Also it works within 15 minutes for me. Super fast. When you think about it, it IS the purest form, and I just cant deal with the fillers and dyes. I even get my thyroid meds compounded.
Its also VERY inexpensive, and not many docs know about it. Mine was really open to it, because he is also into nat./holistic med as well.
Also the p[harmacist told me that with ANY long acting med, to be careful because if you eat FAT when you take the med it will make the med release faster.
If any of you have any questions about compounding, please ask. I think they work better, last longer, and are SO much more affordable for me.
My meds today for 180 tabs was 78.00.
Also once you compound hydro it cannot be called raises it to the same level as oxy. so all scripts have to be hand written.
Now that my doc has raised my mgs., I already have felt better today, so Im sticking with this for the time being.
At the present Im on 20 mgs oxy three times daily with 20 mg hydro three times for BT. Im hoping it does the trick~

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