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To those who have had an Ameritox DS,

I am curious to know how far back the testing goes? Does it test only what comes up in your UA that day? I just started with a new PM doctor 3 months ago and they use the Ameritox tests. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I am curious to know how far back the testing goes? Does it test only what comes up in your UA that day? [/QUOTE]

Any UA will only test what's in your urine when they take it. In general, a UA has a fairly narrow window of detection...Only about 24-48 hours, especially in chronic users. The more chronic the user, the faster the med is eliminated from the urine.

Ameritox markets itself as being unique in that they supposedly provide the Doc with a whole host of data....Not only the meds their testing for, but their alleged therapeutic levels. In addition, they allegedly provide other data that gives feedback on overall patient health.

IMHO, their system is overkill. If one truly needs a patient workup for overall health, there are much better ways to do it, including blood tests. Secondly, it's practically impossible to determine "therapeutic" levels via urine. Many factors determine the waste by products in one's urine....Metabolism, overall diet, amt of food consumed that day, fat content in the diet, the amt of hydration, and etc. While the results may in fact list the so called therapeutic levels, they are very unreliable.

The primary purpose of any UA is to determine that one's meds are in patient's system, as well as test for illegals. While Ameritox's program is very robust and comprehensive in nature, there are much, much cheaper ways to get the same results. IMHO, it's things like this that are unnecessarily driving up health care costs.


What's in your urine today depends on the half life and the way any other drug is metobolized. My doc uses ameritox, I undertsnad the billing issues. It's an 1100 dolar test and if your insurance doesnt particapate you may be stuck. medicare covers it. There are drugs that metabloze so quickly they have to and do use GCMS to detect.

I know nothing about their use of therputic levels as my dose of opiates would likely kill someone else. Theraputic is the dose that works on some extremely tolerant patients, By checking this a few times a doc would be able to tell the difference between a patient that takes 80 mgs 3 times a day oxyC vs a patient that took one dose to make it show up in a cheap test that allows people to divert every other pill they get. Testing for oxycodone in UA is difficult with many of the products on the market. Ameritox also uses GCMS to detect the soma I take even though I take 4 a day. I'm basically saying yes it's pricy, but they actually confirm their findings with GCMS and I know of no other lab doing it right now.

I'm never concerned that a false negative or false positive will end my relationship with my PM doc, so to me it's worth it. They also have a sliding scale of payment for low income, basic medicare covers it. It's the most acurate UA testing and I'm a believer in you get what you pay for in this particular area.
Take care, Dave
Ive been going to a pain clinic for over 2 years because of a car accident. Im prescribed (4) 5/500 vicoden per day and 60 oxycodone prn for severe headaches. I had an Ameritox drug test last week that showed a negative drug test. I thought the Dr was kidding!! I take 4 a day every day how could my test be negative? My Dr. is willing to work with me but Im not lying and need to know why this happened for my own piece of mind. Anyone have an explanation or similar situation you care to share. Also I had the flu the day of the UA and was pretty dehydrated (my Dr said that may have been withdrawl symptoms which I probably would have believed had I not taken a regular dose EVERY DAY!!!) An explaination please...its driving me nuts!
Whassup- False negatives are happening more frequently these days, and have caused MANY legitimate patients who follow prescribing directions to the "T" to be wrongly accused and dismissed from pain managment. There is another active thread here on the boards regarding this very subject. Take a look at it.

It's really scary to think that because of a false negative, any one of us could be dismissed from our PM doctor, only to be left with no help for our pain, and a bad mark in our records. It happens all the time.

I probably would have gone to the closest urgent care, or even my primary doctor and requested a blood test right after leaving my PM doctor's office. I would tell him before I left his office that this is what I was doing so he would know I wasn't going to give it a few days, and take the meds before the test so they would show up. I'd request for them to test for the medications I'm taking and have the results forwarded to my PM doctor. I'd even pay for it out of pocket if need be. I'd either do that, or ask him right then and there to write orders for me to go right away and have bloodwork drawn to test for my meds. This way, my insurance would cover it.

I'm really sorry you had a false negative, and am glad your doctor is willing to work with you, but you will probably be given another UA at your next appointment because of this false negative.
Good Lord.....

This is a nightmare that just wont go away. We need to somehow put together a list of articles that any one of us can go to and download and take to our doctors. Any takers?? I have the perfect person in mind, but sadly she can not help us:(

My Dr has me on a week to week visit now until hes satisfyed Im not abusing or selling them. I was so shocked by the results and desperate to clear my name I asked him to please test me again. I actually can't wait to see the results. I wish I would have talked to you before as far as the blood test! Thanks for the advise.

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