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Thank you for aswering me. I am worried that he dropped me down too far. As stated before I was taking 100 mgs of mscontin with 10mgs of oxycodone 3x a day. Aftr 6-7 years that relief started to wain and I started taking it 4x aday, therefore I was running out before the 30 days. He switched me to oxymorphone (Opana) 60mgs 3x a day with the 10 mgs oxycodone. I took this for 30 days. I lost my insurance at the beginning of the year and could not afford the $8.60 a tab they wanted. The Opana knocked the pain down, but not as well as the mscontin. He switched me to the 10mgs of methadone because he said it was pennies on the dollar compaired to the Opana. (90) tabs only cost 18.00. I have been in a lot of discomfort since switching and now he wants me to continue the 10mgs of methadone and switch from the oxycodone to a morphine ir. Just wondering if you think this is the correct course. Should I ask him to boost the methadone and keep the oxycodone? I continue to be in pain, so much so that I am being a dick to my workers and very easy to get pissy and irate. Any help is greatly appreciated.

[QUOTE=Jackbeanstalk;4170938]Dr.'s are usually afraid of methadone Rx'ing because ofn it's long half-life and the gradual buildup it produces can become a problem if not carefully managed. By ways of Opiate conversion, 100mg. of Morphine TID should euate to about 30mg of Methadone TID. That's a lot of Methadone for most folks, although I've seen doses in the 400-600 mg. a day for some individuals. Their are many factors with Methadone that don't exist with many of the other Opiates. The main one is that the half-life of the drug is 72 hrs. so if you take, say, 50mg. a day by day 3 you've got 150mg. in you with more on the way. The drug is not like most other Opiates so docs tend to "play it safe" when it comes to giving it to patients. Jackbeanstalk[/QUOTE]

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