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... doesn't have alzheimers even though it has great CP potential as an NMDA blocker. I can see that coming to an end when the cost exceeds several K a month just in pops and they aren't charging anywhere near that in prmiums.They also denied any further use of botox after her secoind apeal, so no mre botox for pain issues. ... (5 replies)
... ry. The dose difference between MSIR and the weakest Aqtiq pop is about 6 fold. I wonder what ensured the nurse that you were tolerant enough to give a sample of Actiq too or whatever happened to be in that compounded pop. Did she write the compounding instructions to know you were not allergic to any of the components useed? ... (5 replies)
... hours, you can also get Actiq lolipops, Fentanyl lolipops that come in strengths from 200 micro grams up to 1600 micro grams. Fentanyl is roughly 900 times more potent than morphine mg to mg. ... (2 replies)

... SS, I don't normally post things on the board,but Actiq although is a wonderful medication it does have sugar. ... (9 replies)
... I'm certainly not going to argue against the abuse potential of the Actiq lollipop, but for pete's sake, the 40mg of Oxy you're taking is in the exact same category! ... (14 replies)
... Fentanyl Patch 75 mcg, Actiq 800 mcg, Hydromorphone 8 mg, Elavil 50 mg, ProSom 2mg, Verapamil 240 mg, Verapamil 180 mg, Vytorin, Warfarin 5 mg, and Fioricet. ... (12 replies)
... Hey every1. Just out of curiosity, I have searched google and the board, and cannot find the answer, can anybody convert Actiq for me. I'm wondering what a 200mcg pop would be equal to in Oxycodone or morphine. ... (11 replies)
Jun 13, 2002
... Jane: If you look close, all of the class2 pain medications say they're for cancer patients. It's called "off label prescribing" and is done for all medications where doctors order the medication for other reasons. One reason (a big one) that people have a hard time getting it is due to the price. ONE box (each box has 24 pops) costs over a thousand dollars. And a one... (3 replies)
Jun 21, 2005
... Hey Kim, Fenntanyl and suffentnyl can be dellivered through an IT pump, other than that, you would have to use Aqtiq pops around the clock to get fentanyl any other way, and when used orally it would probably be just as constipating as any other opiate. ... (5 replies)
... e it any other way than intended thinking it will work better is a great misconception, I would read the full prescribing instruction and the patient info on the pops to be sure your using them corectly. ... (11 replies)
... Cymbalta, Lyrica, Opana, Soma, Tylox, Lortab and finally Fentanyl patch with Actiq pops for breakthrough. I would take a 3 ring binder into my appointments with my husband at my side. I would debate the need for ALL of this OVERMEDICATION. ... (67 replies)
... But I have read they are almost as highly used and expensive on the streets as the actiq pops, which can also kill people not used to a daily opiate. ... (16 replies)
... If its at status, that is, never going to get any better, then I would say you could try going up on the patch before trying the actiq pops. Usually increased pain is the fault of the long acting med, not the short acting, and 25 mgs is one of the lowest avalible on the patch. ... (30 replies)
... I hope its not the loony that offered you actiq pops, that was just horrifying. ... (12 replies)
Generic Actiq News
Oct 31, 2006
... y take more of the same with a different route of delivery, but it may give you another option and one that doesn't have the teeth problems and sugar worries the pops do. ... (11 replies)
... This is the first time I have used this message board, so please. bear with me. Is anyone else using the Actiq pops (fentanyl) for pain, other then break thru cancer pain? And is so, can you tell me what micro-grams and how long you have been taking it? thanks :) (19 replies)
Jun 12, 2002
... I read some patch users were having a hard time getting the pops. I noticed under the prescribing information there is a boxed warning that says it is only for opiate tolerant cancer patients. Explains why chronic pain patients are having a hard time getting it.

(3 replies)

... here aren't many people that can take 1000mgs of MSIR in a single dose on top of their base med but I see it with aqtiq when you have folks taking 3 or 4 1600mic pops a day, that's the equivelnt of over 5000mgs of MSIR a day. Your tolerance will skyrocket and treating pain in the future will that much harder. ... (9 replies)
... There is also a new drug made by the same company called "fentora." Same concept as the pops except that it comes in a lozenge. ... (12 replies)
... I also use 8 actiq a day which does nothing at all. ... (2 replies)

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