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... I'm sorry I have to put my 2 cents in here on the like every other drug out there affects different people different ways. I have taken Ambien for 4 years and never had a single problem or "episode" with it. ... (20 replies)
... When they put me on Ambien in the hospital between the two sugeries to help me sleep, it gave me such bad hallucinations that they had to call my husband at 2 am to talk me down. ... (20 replies)
... my husband got the video camera out and got me on video sleep walking and doing other wierd things.I was floored and embarassed.Whenever we're watching tv and an ambien commercial comes on my husband gets crazy mad.He thinks it should be banned.Needless to say I will never take one again. ... (20 replies)

... I also have severe tendonitis of the jaw and was taking percocet until my gastro doctor became concerned about the amount of tylenol (I also had a liver problem) my PM doc switched me to oxycodone-no tylenol. also, I have seen a good friend of mine suffer through many bad side effects from Ambien. Nightime eating binges/not remembered, phone calls to people/not... (20 replies)
... I did try 1 and I repeat 1 dose of the Ambien CR and it was too much for me. However, my doctor said once you take the Ambien pill, go to bed within 30 minutes or else, as the previous poster put it, you get super groggy. ... (5 replies)
... Xanex XR plus the long action Ambien just to sleep. Of course because of my own body's chemistry nothing worked. I still woke up every hour for at least 5 minutes at a time. ... (5 replies)
... Brian is correct. This is called Somnambulism and can be associated with performing any activity associated with WAKEFULLNESS, but occurs while ASLEEP or in a SLEEP LIKE STATE. I have a friend that has this condition, and it is VERY scary because she actually will get up out of bed and cook a full meal, and eat it, and not know it until she gets up in the morning and sees... (20 replies)
... And Ambien is bad news. Taken together with narcotics is russian roulete. Ask your doc about Gabapentin. ... (20 replies)
... Thank you to everyone who responded to me about my concern about my Lortab consumption combined with the Ambien at night. My doc seemed to not be too concerned about it. Im supposed to also take Celebrex for inflammation. I feel like I take so many things. ... (5 replies)
... You should be very leary of taking the Ambien for many reasons. One is that it is a sedative and will add to the sedative effects of the lortabs and the valium. ... (20 replies)
... I don't want to scare you, but there are some weird Ambien stories out there that I'd research up on. ... (20 replies)
... I have TMJ with the deteriation of the cartiledge in the jaw bones. So the bones rub together and cause pain. The doc just switched me from Vicodin 5mg to the Lortab 7.5mg. I take pretty much constantly. I dont drink at all, so thats not a problem. What about Valium at night? ... (20 replies)
... As for the Ambien really nocking you out. This is a really strong habit forming sedative. Have you ever taken anything OTC. That is what I do for insomnia. ... (20 replies)
... How much Lortab can you take in a day. I take the 7.5mgs and I take about 6 a day. Is that too much? ... (20 replies)
... Keep in mind that I'm really new to the patch. So far, the first change. The second night..really sleeping..feel that it probably kicked in to the full level..was sort of worried..then, I felt really awake the next day..almost edgy and too hyper.. I usually take a valium before I go to bed to help with spasms. I didn't the first two nights, but I did last night. My... (8 replies)
... that is interesting i have a lot of back probs too and my dr gave me darvocet 100mg 1-2 tabs four times a day...120 with three is so interesting the way diffrent drs say diffrent things. here's one that says not to take more than one darv a day maximum, and another doctor who thinks up to 8 a day is safe. hopefully i wont ever have to take that many in a day! ... (11 replies)
... and Ambien 10mg. ... (2 replies)
... Pain has yet to be contolled past a 7 on a 10 scale. Here is what I have been on thus far.. Lortab 5 Soma 350mg Lortab 7.5 norco 10 fentynal 25mcg percocet 10 and now roxicodone the above is all outpatient meds (12 replies)
What Next?
Apr 19, 2009
... who kept me in liquid Lortab for a while. Quantity was kept in check and it helped tremendously in the evenings. As the pain got worse, he recommended I try a specialist. ... (1 replies)
... You are just a wealth of knowledge arent you! You also told me about the Ambien which I dont take anymore thanx to your information. Thank you so much! That Ambien really messed me up as I was "coming down" from the Lortab! So now I take the doc has me on a true muscle relaxer. That seems to help. ... (15 replies)

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