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... and like your PM doctor, was told not to pay it. Ameritox sent me a financial form to fill out which would leave us still owing almost the full amount. ... (23 replies)
... MS confirmation. It would drive the price of a cheap test to the same level ameritox is charging if they actually confirmed their presumptive results. ... (23 replies)
... My only point is this.....While Ameritox may have a comprehensive service, I think it's overkill. Ironically, most of the patients who require this service have limited incomes due to their pain.... ... (23 replies)

Feb 5, 2009
... I just finished reading an old thread on this company their services cost...etc. The last time I went to my pm there was an ameritox rep there doing UA's. I didn't have one done at the time but I did question him about Ameritox and on the billing and if insurance covers so forth. ... (0 replies)
... ay and decided to bring the cost to their attention. What brought it up actually was that my face sheet had a blue highlight dot on it, which he told me was the Ameritox reps way of saying I should do a drug screen. ... (23 replies)
... MY group of docs switched to Ameritox 2. ... (23 replies)
... show up in a cheap test that allows people to divert every other pill they get. Testing for oxycodone in UA is difficult with many of the products on the market. Ameritox also uses GCMS to detect the soma I take even though I take 4 a day. ... (6 replies)
... Any UA will only test what's in your urine when they take it. In general, a UA has a fairly narrow window of detection...Only about 24-48 hours, especially in chronic users. The more chronic the user, the faster the med is eliminated from the urine. Ameritox markets itself as being unique in that they supposedly provide the Doc with a whole host of data....Not only the... (6 replies)
... I just started with a new PM doctor 3 months ago and they use the Ameritox tests. Any info would be greatly appreciated. ... (6 replies)
... by Ameritox after what my PM doctor was paid. ... (23 replies)
... When I took my test it went to Ameritox. Ameritox then billed my ins. comp around 1,000 dollars. My jaw literally dropped. ... (23 replies)
... I have received my EOB from the insurance company; they paid $72. The bill that they sent had stated in it not to pay anything before submitting the tax information to see if I qualified for a lower/free price. I am now awaiting my second bill from them showing what my actual total due is. No matter the amount, it is more than I can afford. :( (23 replies)
... are of the cost. It doesn't mean your insurance has denied paying for the test when you get the first bill. Give it a few weeks. wait for your EOB and then call ameritox or your insurance, BTW, Medicare covers ameritox. I didn't read that, I know it from experience with this company and medicare. ... (23 replies)
... Hi, I have had to work w/ Ameritox several times and I ask for the supervisor and explain my situation that I cannot afford to pay the bill and he writes it off! Have you tried this? (10 replies)
... I had a ua taken for PM Dr. AMERITOX took the sample in the beginning of 2011. ... (10 replies)
... vicoden per day and 60 oxycodone prn for severe headaches. I had an Ameritox drug test last week that showed a negative drug test. I thought the Dr was kidding!! I take 4 a day every day how could my test be negative? ... (6 replies)
... etc. and see what he says. Maybe he can talk to the Ameritox rep and see if they can write it off or something. ... (23 replies)
... I was at my appt. yesterday and the ameritox rep was with the PA so I saw the Dr instead. Are they new? ... (23 replies)
... Back in February I was switched to the care of a PM and as part of being a new patient had to give a UA....not a problem. In March I received the bill from Ameritox.....a whopping $400...along with a form to fill out and attach my income tax to in order to receive either free or 50% discount. Today I received a letter stating I qualified for 50% discount. Still, $200... (23 replies)
... (4 replies)

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