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... because you relied on a chart to tell you if you were feeling anelgesia or you relied on obtaining the same feeling morphine gave you. ... (6 replies)
... gh other than the relief of pain. The high is the first to go nomatter whether your abusing or taking it as directed for pain. People that asociate the buzz with anelgesia are going to run into trouble. ... (3 replies)
... relief or anelgesia, I think they will be very disapointed with other oopiates. However because meth does binmd to the MU receptor which is most responsable for anelgesia and least responasable for euphoria, my understanding and experience is that a proportianally correct amount of BT meds will provide additional anelgesia. ... (11 replies)

... Some people require combining long acting meds, The more receptors you cover the more anelgesia you can create. ... (20 replies)
... first try. That doesn't happen and your proof that just because a chart has prevented you from experiencing withdrawal , you are not recieving the same level of anelgesia from morphine. ... (3 replies)
... ull prescibing info Page 8 and 9 that can be found at Purdues site if you have adobe. It basically says that patients recieving 10mgs of Oxy BID recieved no more anelgesia than from a plecebo. ... (8 replies)
... s a bit low for meth and really not coconsidered enough to even stop withdrawal. I would call your PM doc and emphasize the problems your having with duration of anelgesia and still feeling shakey even after the meth has reached it's max serum level which does take at least 5 days. ... (5 replies)
MS Contin
Oct 3, 2004
... Hey Bill, You got it, The hystamine reposne will lesson with time, just like the sleepies. THy may spike back up at a dose increase and then you may have to wait for them to subside to continue to adjust the meds. Other than constipation and urinary retention, because smooth muscle contractions are directly effected by opiates aren't going to improve drasticlly, more like... (4 replies)
... Hey Fisherman, Here is the difference for folks reading along that don't know what these meds are. DESCRIPTION SUBOXONE sublingual tablets contain buprenorphine HCl and naloxone HCl dihydrate at a ratio of 4:1 buprenorphine: naloxone (ratio of free bases). SUBUTEX sublingual tablets contain buprenorphine HCl. Buprenorphine is a partial agonist at the mu-opioid... (3 replies)
... Hi guys, Yes, Michelle, my Mayo doctor is Kevin Reid. He is the chair of the orofacial pain department at Mayo. I've been really lucky to have all my doctors be extremely nice and caring, and Dr. Reid is no exception. He really is a wonderful person and a wonderful doctor. He's very supportive, concerned, and empathetic, and he always gets back to me right away whenever... (12 replies)
... f you do, you will only percieve relief when your feel that same warm fuzzy feeling, with LA meds, that disapears within weeks and you should simply be left with anelgesia and better function. ... (4 replies)
... Mark if you want some acurate info about meth try these articles below. It's not an opiate antagonist, It's a pure agonist, It doesn't prevent BT meds from producing anelgesia, just inhibits the buzz, If you relate the buzz to anelgesia, I could see why you think it negates all other opiate effects. You are wrong though. You might want to educate yourself before posting... (7 replies)
... Hey Shore! Thank you so very much for the information. I do really appreciate it. I haven't taken any other kind but the Mellencroft because that is all that is available around here. I'm going to call around to ask if maybe some of the other smaller mom & pop type one do have it and maybe just change pharmacies again if they do before I tell the doc the dose isn't... (4 replies)
... ht till my next morning dose. When Meth is used for acute pain and in hopspice it is dosed every 4 hours, The half life doesn't mean it will produce satisfactory anelgesia for 24 hours, It's still considered a short acting med although the half life keeps residual meth in your sytem for up to 5 days. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Rosebud, Of all the many deaths attributed to OxyContin, 97% were poly drug or alcohol related. IF your crush, snort or inject Oxy on top of abusing valium, xanax or ativan and then through teenage drinking on top is how you come up with the death toll. All the sites you may find are set up by grieving family memebers that would rather blame Purdue for their child or loved... (14 replies)
... ut meth may not be the best med with the apnea. Hopefully your new doc is well schooled in pharmacology and willing to work with you untill your reach a level of anelgesia that improves your function and quality of life. Good luck and I do wish you less painnful days. I can't imagine 4 lumbar surgeries. ... (17 replies)
... component is altered perception of pain. Whether you call this euphoria or a buzz just depends on your expectations of each med. But associating that feling with anelgesia will likely leave you in discomfort all the time. It's like saying If I don't feel warm and fuzzy I don't get any relief. ... (11 replies)
... going to fast and that's what's causing the problem. You may need to slow your increases down to 10 mg increments a week, It will take longer to reach sufficient anelgesia but we are all different, just because I can increase rapidly doesn't mean everyone can without running into major side effects. ... (6 replies)
... weekly. Do some research and you will realize the euphoric effects will eventually deminish and you will be left with just anelgesia. If your not satisfied with anelgesia your not a good candidate for opiate therapy.You have children and a wife, How do long do you think you wife will tolerate you nodding off on the couch. ... (8 replies)
Changing dr.s
May 17, 2001
... Once a base line of anelgesia is set many patients go for years without increases. ... (3 replies)

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