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... sed pulse rates. Common sense would indicate that the increased blood pressure and pulse rate would be much more dangerous to a person with the potential for an anuresum than using a pain medication as prescribed. ... (22 replies)
... After my nephew had a brain anuresum I've just been wondering what some of the causes could be. ... (22 replies)
... I have found one that works great. Its called the Ultra Mirage 11 full face mask. its not pretty but its comfy and fits as good as they can, none of them are comfortable but after 15 I think your just expecting to much and you need to give them more time, it took me months to get it to feel good now I sleep fine with it. we can talk on the sleep board if you want to. (22 replies)

... Hey Slip, I have gone throught about 15 different masks trying to find one that I can live with. I know I will feel better if I can ever get the kinks worked out. I just hope it helps with the headaches. Annie (22 replies)
... I also have sleep apnea and have to sleep with a mask on. I had headaches every morning upon wakening before I got my mask, now I have not had one since. It really does help. I know they are god awful to sleep with and I still wake up from time to time but it is worth it once you get used to it. good luck anyone with sleep apnea and has to wear a mask needs good wishes b/c... (22 replies)
... I have had an mri before I had the injections in my neck. Waiting to see what he wants to do next. I actually have some midrin in my bathroom but I took it one time and got the worst headache I've ever had in my life. That is when my pm put me on the firornal. Also, I'm trying to adjust to sleeping with a mask on as I have sleep apnea. My pm is trying to see if that might... (22 replies)
... Annie, A couple more things: -As a coffee drinker, be sure to take it in on days you might not normally drink coffee. I used to dring coffee at work daily, then I had the worst HAs on Saturdays. Every single Saturday. And it took me so long to figure out it was a WD HA. -About Imitrex. I may be mistaken, but I believe sumatriptan (Imitrex) is now available in... (22 replies)
... just a suggestion for ya annie that has worked amaziingly well for over half my life. midrin? this is availiable in generic form now too. this is the only migrane med i have ever actually tried and just stayed on since it came out back in like 1981 or so? it not only works well on the whole migrane syndrome head pain but it also works really well for plain old vascular... (22 replies)
... You guys have been so good about trying to help me with all this stuff and I really appreciated it! No I haven't had a brain scan. I don't have health ins. so I'm kind of limited on what I have done. Actually I think my headaches are stress related more than anything. I've been married three times and after each divorce the headaches got a little less but when I started... (22 replies)
... Annie, Try caffeine. That is the element in Excedrine that is probably killing your headaches. Caffeine will raise your heart rate, but will not thin your blood or cause any other negative outcomes as far as I know. You can get it at drug stores in the for of NoDoz and other preparations. The fiornial w/o cod also has caffeine, and aspirin too. I believe each... (22 replies)
... just given that he is blood related and the headache situation you have going on,it really wouldn't hurt at this point for YOU to just go get a contrasted MRI at the very least. there is always the possibility that whatever created HIS predisposistion for this vascular malformation to develop could be a dominant type of thing you may have inhereted too ya know what i mean?... (22 replies)
... Hi Marcia, He is taking two norco 10/325 every four hours for the pain. He says it does help with the pain so much till it wears off. Yes, he is a blood kin, he is my sister's son. You know I hate to even mention having a headach with how he is feeling. Jeff is one of the sweetest people I know and it just kills me to see him in this shape. What you said about him being... (22 replies)
... annie,have you yourself ever actually had at least an MRI run on your brain just to make certain everything is just 'normal" in there? i am only asking since it does appear that this has been(the head pain) a very long chronic type of issue for you. there could be some reason,such as some level of congenital issue in there that just sets the stage for you to be more prone to... (22 replies)
... Annie, I don't know of any OTC meds other than tylenol either. Have you ever tried massage for your headaches? I sometimes get horrible headaches that start in my neck (usually from stress) that last for days. The last one I'd had all weekend and all day Monday and Tuesday. I had an appt with the MT on Tuesday afternoon and that really helped, the headache pretty much... (22 replies)
... Thanks Shay, I really appreciate the help. Annie (22 replies)
... Annie, please, please, NEVER feel like you are a "dummy", ok?? It's only because all of us have had experience with things and that's how we became "knowledgeable", ya know? I, too, learned a great deal of info after I started collecting my medical and surgical notebook over the past 28 years. I'm 37 now and started having kidney problems and surgeries since I was 9... (22 replies)
... Hey Guys, Ok, I'm taking lortab 10/500 4xday for neck pain and fiornial w/o cod. 2xday for headaches. I have two bad disks in my neck and have bad headaches almost everyday. I have been going to my pm doc 3 years this oct. I've had injections twice and went through a sleep center to see if I have sleep apnea (which they found out I do) and that might be a factor in the... (22 replies)
... Hi Steve et al. . . Could you please explain what you said about opiates being some of the safest drugs? My MIL insists that they cause liver damage. I wish I had some evidence to show her. I have a similar experience to Marcia (feelbad) in that I have a past history of drug abuse/addiction (over 25 years ago). I also have moderately severe chronic pain. I suffered for... (22 replies)
... steve is very right tandy in what he just stated. despite being at very high risk myself just given the blood vessel thing and already having two different types of vascular malformations i am still on oxycontin and have NEVER ever been told that this is any sort of problem with relation to my aneurysm or any raised risk in even getting one. i do hope that helps you out some... (22 replies)
... tandycipps, What pain meds you are taking? I have not read other posts from you, but I can tell you that opioids are some of the safest drugs available. They cause no organ damage at all. Yes, taken long term dependence will result. This is NOT addiction, but simply the body's natural reaction to the meds. Other meds cause dependence as well, and must be reduced... (22 replies)

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