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... doctor was very kind. He could have just cut you off from the drug. The pain pill instructions are clear about alcohol. It's our own responsibility to use drugs as directed. ... (1 replies)
... gs me to what prompted me to write this post. The Dr. was completely sympathetic but said it is completely out of his control because they say so. He went so far as to tell me to feel free to continue doing it BUT make sure I don't within 5 days of any appointment. ... (1 replies)
... I actually think much more clearly when on opioids, as otherwise the pain prevents me from being able to focus. ... (7 replies)

... aking it again. None of the pain meds I had taken 40 or more years ago caused those symptoms inbetween doses. I was able to stop those drugs with no side effects as soon as I could bear the pain level. ... (7 replies)
... He lives a normal life, just doesn't go out as much as he used to or do things he enjoys like walking etc. The trade off of less pain just isn't worth it yet. ... (7 replies)
... There's also meds specifically for nerve pain like lyrica and gabapentin that aren't addictive the way opioids are. As well as many physical therapy type options. Traditional pt, water therapy, yoga, chiropractic, tens units, massage therapy. ... (7 replies)
... Dear catra6, I can relate to your father because I have severe chronic pain and will not take pain meds (except only if I have surgery, then am off them just as fast as possible). I would rather have pain than how pain meds feel to me. NO thanks! Just reading up on the side effects of drugs is enough to keep me off them. The issue with pain meds is not so much... (7 replies)
... I went off of Suboxone for two years after having been on Suboxone for 3 yrs. When I was on Suboxone the first time around, I reported to my Addiction and Pain Specialist that I was having severe numbness and pain in my hands and swelling. My Doctor performed a nerve damage test on my hands and said that I did indeed have some nerve damage. It eventually subsided after... (0 replies)
... You are the second person to recommend a pain management specialist so that is I'm hoping she will be willing to consider, as I think it could definitely help. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome! Sorry she is struggling - that sounds horrible. Unfortunately I don't have any advice specific to this condition, but maybe some of this could be helpful. Just know that she is not alone in her suffering and pain management difficulties. Being prescribed opioids for chronic pain is becoming less common, and even long term low dose patients with successful results... (2 replies)
... Hello, My mother was recently diagnosed with Allodynia in its most severe form. She has trouble wearing clothes, sleeping, or going outside. She has been managing pain through prescribed opioids for the last several months but her doctor said he is no longer in a position to prescribe them for her because of new regulations. Nothing else,has helped reduce the pain. I... (2 replies)
... I can definately relate, as I've been on opioids for over 10 yrs, due to spinal issues. ... (3 replies)
... However, some may be less or worse constipating for you individually, as everyone responds differently. ... (3 replies)
... Hello! I need help trying to resolve a "false positive" issue that I believe may be resulting from my doctor's lab rep not believing there is any need for him to tell the lab that I'm taking a relatively new drug (one that might be a close spectral match for an existing one). I am wearing a fentanyl patch 100mcg/72h for severe pain and Opana IR (oxymorphone) for... (1 replies)
... I take 15mg of oxycodone every four hours as needed for lupus and endometriosis related pain. My pharmacy recently changed to the Mallinckrodt 15mg oxycodone and for some reason... ... (1 replies)
... st your dose.. Most conversion guidelines suggest the doc calculates the conversion and than starts at half of the estimate. You really aren't near the ball park as far as a comparable dose. I would expect your to be above 200 mgs of morphine a day coming from 75 ugh of fent. ... (3 replies)
... Hi- Cant agree more with karlee bout the patches-they can be a struggle to keep on-at least karlee does not have the MEGA humidity that is ever present in southern us(Al) as Arizona has dry heat-but heat no less, effects the patch's ability to stay put, for sure. the trf oxycontins are so ineffective in comparence to the old formula-I used be on oxycontin before they... (3 replies)
... e to read this. I have been experiencing severe swelling in my hands, legs, ankles and feet while wearing the Fentanyl 75 mcg patch. It is definitely the patch as when I go off from it, the swelling leaves. My PM doc gave me MS Contin 60mg BID...and this did not work at all. Has anyone used Oxycontin? ... (3 replies)
... I am sorry if my message came across as bashing as it was not intended that way. The first relevant statement in this thread is about having an "extensive history" of pain medication use. ... (20 replies)
... n my way back to this thread to apologize for yesterday. I have not read all the new posts yet, but wanted to take a moment to reply to yours. I'm sure it sounds as though I was being rude. Probably because I was. ... (20 replies)

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