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... The opioid closest to morphine is oxycodone, which you already take. May I ask why you are changing? ... (12 replies)
... Hi Wren, I've never heard of not having to pay two copays if you needed two different strengths of medicaton. ... (2 replies)
New to Board
Dec 29, 2004
... is impossible and lying down is no picnic either. The last Orthopedic Surgeon that I had a consult with says that the bone has eroded all muscle that is suppose to cover the tailbone and it has bursitis in it now. ... (7 replies)

... The DEA is really nothing new, I've been in this area and have seen docs go down for overprescribing opiates and diet pills long before OxyContin came out and PM was terendy and a way for a surgeon or GP to pass the buck when a patient kleeps asking for opiates. ... (11 replies)
Avinza 3x a Day?
Aug 2, 2004
... When I took Kadian anfter titrating it to 200mgs twiice a day I still needed an increase, rather than create more side effects from 2 whopping doses the doc decided to add a third 200 mg dose. ... (4 replies)
... Hey grama....Sorry to hear about your troubles. Yes, there are many alternatives for you.....Oxycontin, higher strength morphine, the patch, Opana, and Methdadone. ... (3 replies)
... As far as what a 40 mg tab releases over 12 hours compared to 10 mgs of hydro every 4, that dose of morphine isn't a hge increase. ... (12 replies)
... It's not like I want to feel like I have no pain at all, just get the levels below 5 for part of the day so I can function. ... (12 replies)
... ou are on a dose you can tolerate and still have a life. I've traded off my pain for other sickness and pain and STILL can't doing any daily activities. I need to have pain relief and the strength to get stronger before my surgery in May. Not live for the next 6 weeks in a stupor... ... (22 replies)
... percs daily. It was way too much for me! So I requested to go down, and the pharmacists was surprised! ... (22 replies)
... Welcome to the boards although you have been here for awhile. I know that nerve pain is one of the worst pains to deal with. ... (4 replies)
... I can't beleive I never saw this post. I would have answered it immediately. Avinza is a time release morphine sulphate. It is common practice for doctors to switch types of medicines when one that someone has been taking for a long time begines to lose it's effectiveness. ... (14 replies)
... it's contents at about 1 hour and the rest at about the 6th hour, Most folks take MSC or the generic version 3 times a day. Kadian was the first 24 hour morphine to come out about 3 years ago. It's a smooth steady release over 24 hours. Say your taking 100mgs once a day, You may find it lags a bit the last few hours. ... (5 replies)
... First, one thing to remember is that all drugs have a "brand" name and many have several. ... (4 replies)
... Hey Dawn, Crushing a short acting med doesn't damage any hi tech release system, It makes them easier to swallow and may make them work a few minutes faster since they don't have to be broken down by stomach acid, It's perfectly safe. ... (5 replies)
... Hey Don, You shouldn't be concerned about switching to a stronger med or the number of mgs it takes to manage your pain. Most people are familiar with Oxycodone through Percocet or Tylox. ... (5 replies)

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