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... Everyone responds differently to different meds and doses. I'd just have a discussion with your doctor at your next appointment about how you have had an increase in pain lately (also specify if the pills aren't lasting as long as they used to, such as 4 hours instead of 6 hours or whatever). Yes, for chronic pain which hasn't responded to other treatments a long acting med... (14 replies)
... I've not specifically tried Ms Contin, but I do use LA morphine...First Avinza, and now Kadian. I've read from many who have tried all three morphines that Ms Contin doesn't last nearly as long as the other two. I've had great success with Kadian 3 x. I've also used OC and the patch, and IMHO, Kadian has been best by far for me. LA morphine is more calming for me,... (5 replies)
Avinza 3x a Day?
Aug 2, 2004
... or 24 hours of relief, you do still have some in your sytem so some overlap is expected when taking a 12 hour med 3 times a day.Have you compared the price of Avinza VS MSContin or Kadan. ... (4 replies)

... we had also batted around the idea of methadone, oxycontin, and I guess its either MS Contin or Avinza maybe...? ... (11 replies)
... Meaning does price have anything to do with your decision of one VS the other ? ... (6 replies)
... well to be honest i am an ex opiate addict and opana works VERY WELL i was taking 16-240 mg of oxy daily and would fell the same effect if not stronger with only 40-80 mg of opana...and as far as having no euphoric effect thats bs...they would make me feel much euphoria...opanas are 2x stronger than oxycontin and 9x stronger than morphine plus if you would eat a full meal with... (12 replies)
Opana vs Ms Contin
Mar 19, 2009
... hours and Avinza is every 24 hours. Most patients report, however, that all three don't last as long as they claim. ... (12 replies)
... I think all are about the same, if you take them 2 x day. I started out on Avinza 1 x, but had to move to 2 x, and it's worked fairly well since. I think the main issue with morphine, is to ensure you get the coverage every 12 hours. ... (2 replies)
Norco VS Avinza..
Feb 26, 2008
... Brian, I use MS Contin and I have to take it three times per day. It turns out that it's kinda like OxyContin, in that 12 hours is just too long for many patients. So I take the MS Contin every 8 hours and that seems to cover the pain. When I was switched from methadone to MS Contin the doc automatically dosed it at three times per day. steve (9 replies)
... Thank you for the info....I am now wondering if I can change from MSIR 30 mg to roxicodone for the immediate relief. I am on the oxycodone 20mg for long lasting pain relief. Can you take both of these together? (2 replies)
... First of all, let's deal with the "oxy" question. It's best to understand that OxyContin contains oxycodone. ... (2 replies)
... mgs of morphine. This is talking instant release or short acting oral morphine. The way long acting opiates work like MSContin or OxyContin work is they start releasing half their dose at about 45 minutes and the second release is about 5 hours later. ... (2 replies)
... t work I was going back on the Oxycontin since it did help for last 3 year's,just may need higher dose.But last 2 days have been better. ... (9 replies)
... orrow an go see her because she only gave me enough for a week an I will run out an still be in pain.Just curious about how much it would take to be close to the Oxycontin I was taking.Is there a chart anywhere online that may show that? ... (9 replies)
... As far as 240 mg Oxycontin, and switching to Methadone, I was taking 480 mg Oxycontin and I'm now on 180 mg of Meth, with no BT medication. Why are you taking a seizure med that interfers with the Methadone? ... (9 replies)
... I was taking total 240 mg Oxycontin an was allowed 3 10mg Perc.for breakthru,,this was over 3 year period an my pain has gotton worse an they tried meth. ... (9 replies)
... MsContin works just like OxyContin as far as delivery. About half the dose at .6 hours, and the rest at about 6 hours later. ... (8 replies)
... Weaver, To answer your question about different pain meds and names etc. You should first probably know that there are many "Brand" names that people get confused about. For instance, Lortab, Norco, Vicodon, are all Hydrocodone. You mentioned being on 5/500. This is a low dose of Hydrocodone and 500 mg of Tylenol. They make Hydro up to 10 mg and anywhere from 325 mg of... (10 replies)
... Four years ago, when I was taking Endo brand MSContin (an extended release morphine generic), my local pharmacy switched the brand to Roxanne. Needless to say, I went into withdrawal. As soon as I figured out what was going on, I went back to the pharmacy and was told that I was s.o.l until the next month. I am lucky enough to go to a great PM doc and he managed to keep me... (29 replies)
... Pandag...You might want to talk to your doctor and consider switching to Methadone. I have been on it for over two years after being on Oxycontin, Duragesic (Fentenyl) and and many short acting meds. It's one of the stronger meds in use and I feel it does a great job in controling my pain. I take no break through meds and Meth makes you a "Non clock watcher" that so many... (2 replies)

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