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... Twisten, I haven't been on Morphine, but I've been on Oxycontin and the patches, and had no trouble at all. I would like to go back to Oxy, but I don't think my doc would go for it because of the rapid tolerance I have. ... (18 replies)
... My husband does that at night and from what our doctor tells us is that it's youre body relaxing. My hubby jerks sometimes knocking me clean out of bed. ... (18 replies)
... Does anyone besides me have body jerks while sleeping? ... (18 replies)

... t sleep take Ambien at night.I think I always had the jerks a little before I was on any medicine. ... (18 replies)
... Does anyone besides me have body jerks while sleeping? ... (18 replies)
... All of my body jerks have started since I went to Methadone. ... (18 replies)
... I know this has been addressed before, but can somebody tell me why certain opiates seem to cause body jerks at night while sleeping? ... (6 replies)
... ure what my next step will be, but I will most likely talk to my doctor about switching some pain meds and see if we can find something I get relief from and the jerks go away. My wife is the one who suffers from the night jerks and needs her sleep. She is working everyday and I'm home on disability. ... (18 replies)
... Director, thats what I'm talking about also. It's while I'm sleeping that it happens. I've jerked so bad during the night that my husband has woken me because he thought something was happening to me. ... (18 replies)
... and I know of the body jerking thing. ... (18 replies)
... Director, Are you aware of the jerks? Does it feel like you are falling like when you first start to fall as asleep? I had these while I was taking the muscle relaxer Soma. Sometimes I woke up and sometimes people would tell me about the jerks. I am curious, you mentioned that you were on high doses of Oxycontin, is there any reason you switched to Methadone? GL (18 replies)
... p. The other times my wife tells me about. As far as switching fromn Oxy to Meth, it was due to the rapid tolerance with the Oxy. I was up to 160 mg TID. I'm at a high dose on the Meth too, but it seems to be more stable and doesn't require the increases as often. Good pain relief too. ... (18 replies)
... you..been on the other...well oxy just after surgery, but up to 10's in lortabs...he only has one kidney is why the were worried about high tylenol levels....he jerks and twitches weirdly, stops breathing...he went to a sleep lab, and has central apnea, where you brain just doesn't tell you to breath... ... (18 replies)
... My husband on the other hand who does not take narcotics but does take a sleeping pill jerks so bad in his sleep you'd think he was having some sort of withdrawal. ... (18 replies)
... hi director i noticed since i started on roxicodone 2 years ago my legs have a tendency to jerk and sometime i feel like my body jumps when im tired after not sleeping for 2hrs kinda like being jolted awake from a bad dream i also notice i have to constantly move my legs around when i trying to sleep they dont wont to stay still bob (18 replies)
... I get jeky every night as I'm falling asleep. I feel them. ... (18 replies)
... biggest insult of all is this is all from a bad work injury, and he's being treated worse than subhuman by those people, and it's going on 5 years fighting them at every turn. ... (18 replies)
... Goddessdana, for me I don't think that is the cause. Before I was on these meds I've never had any problem with jerking before and as I said when I wasn't on the msc I had no problems. We'll maybe never know what is doing it?? (18 replies)
... Boaz - I have all the sympathy in the world for you. But see, this is what's strange. I guess this is just another area where the old adage "every reacts differently to every drug" fits. Your husband's sexual desire has completely dimished from the Meth you say, as do a lot of others who are on it. But as I've even written about in my posts in the past on here, while on Meth... (18 replies)
... I am on Mscontin and get that. When I was on the fentanyl patch or oxycontin I didn't have it. My doctor just recently switched me from MSC back to OXYC because of these twitches but I wasn't getting the same pain relief so we switched back. (18 replies)

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