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... riped as bone pain is a different kind of pain and it started about 3 months ago, it feels as if some one has took an axe and is scrapping it all the way down my bones in my legs. If I have walked for a while it feels like my bones are splitting with each step I take. In 2005 I had 8 nerves in my back burned. ... (12 replies)
... what would cause my bones in my legs to hurt they hurt so bad i cant even lay on my sides and at times it is too painful to even walk. ... (12 replies)
... When my Vitamin D levels were extremely low my leg bones hurt so bad! Vitamin D deficiency can cause your bones to soften. Brian had good advice about potassium, you might also try adding a calcium supplement. ... (6 replies)

... In the old days quinine use to be used for that. I would imagine bananas as well as potassium might help as well as calcium. Have you spoken with your doctor lately they might have some insight on what might be able to help some ? (12 replies)
... I've had bone density testing done before and it's no big deal, and it doesn't hurt at all. They just put you on a table and do a scan, kinda like xrays. Nothing to fear. ... (12 replies)
... Welcome to healthboards, you've found a great site! I think Steve's idea of a density test is great. If it is really 'bone' type pain and not like nerve pain or referred back pain - then I'd highly recommend getting a bone scan done of your legs. I'm not trying to scare you here, lots of things can cause bone pain but unfortunately one of them is cancer. In light of your... (12 replies)
... I dont know much about your diagnosis, but i do understand pain, mine is in my back and neck, and Im so happy that you are here. Please check back when you can because the ppl here are just so amazing. hang in there! ... (12 replies)
... life, I just cant take this type of pain. I have 4 teenagers and a grandbaby that lives with me and my husband is a wonderful support to me, He has had to be my legs numerous times do to when my nerve is pinched i cant lift my legs. I dont want to take any more meds and I am terrified of having surgery! ... (12 replies)
... and sometimes I just have a deep ache that feels like it is in the bone. Do you have spinal stenosis? ... (12 replies)
... Vicky, even though a lot of things can cause legs pain, some of them can be checked. ... (12 replies)
... Did you hurt yourself? ... (12 replies)
... I have been dealing with worsening chronic pain since I slipped a disc in the lumbar region of my back. It was a very minor slip, but was touching a nerve, so it was painful. ... (0 replies)
... miles for the weekend and my legs were sore after as they normally would be for so much walking. However, ever since then they've never returned to normal. ... (4 replies)
... I did some reading today and saw that Fibro can cause bone pain. There really is alot of different things that could be causing it. I pray that you soon find out the cause and get treatment soon. (12 replies)
... Vickie, Have you had any bone density testing done? If not, that might be wise. Have you ever had this pain before? If so, when, and what was done? For relief, have you considered raising the Lyrica dose? Can you take anti-inflammatory drugs? If so, you might give Advil a try. Ask your doc or a pharmacist about dose. (12 replies)
... Vickie, Welcome to HealthBoards! I'm so sorry for your pain. Can you provide a bit more info. Like part of leg that hurts, any history of other pain or chronic pain, use of pain meds, stuff like that. Thanks, (12 replies)
... a...sorry that you have to make a long airplane trip...but I do understand the reasons...we just came home yesterday...from Fl...takes about 19 to 20 hrs. in the car...but, we had to go and make sure my husband's Mom was they had just placed her in the nursing home... ... (18 replies)
... ray done by a bad doc that had my MRI sent to me after having it in their possission for 3 years!!! I think that is my mid back if I am not mistaken. ... (28 replies)
... region. This muscle becomes inflamed when other muscles in the regoin are weak. The muscle becomes swollen and presses on the sciatic nerve. This causes the pain from the buttocks down the leg. ... (13 replies)
... hi , i am new to this forum . i had a level3 lumbar fusion in march 2006. the pain in my back and my legs did not get any better. my dr. just kept saying "time and painkillers"..well, in august, i went to another dr., who did mri's, ct's , and nerve conduction. ... (13 replies)

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