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... Brian, Opana is oxymorphone. Palladone (hydromorphone) is the med that was taken off the market for its problem with alcohol. However, Opana, Avinza and other LA formulations strictly forbid alcohol as well for their ability to release all of their narcotic component when mixed with alcohol. steve (20 replies)
... and you drink alcohol, it can release all of the morphine and KILL YOU. So don't take this lightly because it does not say "may increase the effect", the warning on Opana is "DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. PERIOD". ... (20 replies)
... Hey Jane, Talk about a bad chain of events.There is a consequence for every action, Because you dropped the Lortab now your going to take extra morphine and run out of that early. You know they won't fill that early either don't ya, You are in for a heck of a ride. ... (7 replies)

... The other issue here that must be taken into consideration is "tolerance." Obviously, the higher your tolerance, the more meds you can take safely. ... (20 replies)
... Hey Jane, I know some folks will think I flamed you or was harsh, But better to understand and get with the program before you make a step down the wrong path. ... (7 replies)
... If your thinking with meds so potent there is no reason to have to deal with any pain at all andthere is allways a higher dose or stronger med available. You have the strongest med and most of us have to learn to deal with some degree of pain. ... (2 replies)
... I slowly weaned from Two 100mg ER a took about three weeks..and I did experience some of the symptoms you guys have mentioned. And, about week 2 totally "off" the med, I hit a was not fun. At all. ... (7 replies)
... Hey all...Thank you for your prayers. Ok, well, it didn't go as badly as last time, so I'm not crying...and "psychosomatic" didn't enter the conversation, lol!! ... (16 replies)
... for clearing that up with the Oxycontin thing. I guess I have just heard a lot of negative things about it and it didn't help me at all, so all I want to say is you are a wealth of info!! Take good care and I hope you are doing well!! ... (10 replies)
... drug released by your body that binds to specific hystamine receptors when exposed to other chemicals or pollen, many substances can cause a hystamine release hence the need for antihystamines that block the relase of hystamines or block them from binding to the hystamine receptors. ... (10 replies)
Ultram withdrawl
Jul 30, 2008
... high that I have ever had from any pill, but luckily, I don't have any resource to get any. Next to that Tramadol is my drug of choice, although I want to tell you about my experiences with it. ... (23 replies)
... had lumbar fusion 3 months ago and have been trying to get by on Darvoset, but I really need something a little stronger. The Darvoset does very, very little to kill pain and I find myself gritting my teeth or biting down on the insides of my cheeks when I have pain. ... (8 replies)
... Norco is a hydrocodone and tylenol product like lortab or vicodin, the only difference is the norco has less tyelenol than any other hydro product. ... (4 replies)
... Did your OBGYN discover you had the dysplasia by doing a routine PAP? ... (16 replies)
... ry concerned about your mother's health. All other problems aside, with her heart problems, she should not be allowed to go through withdrawal from Oxy. It could kill her. So could taking too much Xanax. You can stop the problem of your children stealing meds very easily. You buy a safe and lock them up. ... (5 replies)
... I know it is a relief for you to finally have something to help your pain. ... (43 replies)

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