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... Hi kenb, Have you ever heard of or had a radio frequency ablation? The pm dr locates the nerve that is generating the pain & with radio frequency ablates or damages the sensory nerve so that pain is not sent to brain leaving the motor nerve intact & this procedure is not surgery but more like an epidural injection & is temporary & usually last about 6-12 months. Ra... (3 replies)
Cervical rhizotomy
Dec 29, 2013
... I went to an ortho surgeon this week to see what my next steps are. he is suggesting a cervial rhizotomy with my current pain mgmt dr . I have been reading about the procedure and have to say im not sure that i am going to schedule this. Has anyone had one? ... (3 replies)
... Cervical facet Rhizotomy: Having one done next week...I am sure there must be many people that have had this procedure? Please any feedback? Thanks guys, just want to know if it WORKS...... 3/4 and 5/6. (4 replies)

... Hello All, I had a facet rhizotomy at cervical 3/4 yesterday and have a question I hope someone can answer. I am sore and all that, which is normal, but the back of my head is totally numb, the same type of numbness you have from the dentist. After the procedure yesterday my left ear was also totally numb but that wore off in a few hours. Is this normal? It sure feels... (4 replies)
... I believe what you are experiencing is normal. The Rhizotomy does sever a nerve so what you are feeling could be a result of that or of the lidocaine they use to numb you up for the actual rhizotomy. ... (4 replies)
... k about. I'm not big on additional,pain but totally understand the need to be ale to communicate with the doctor. I remember the first epidural I received in the cervical area when they put the dye in to make sure they were in the right spot. The pain was far worse than childbirth. Thankfully it only lasted a short period of time. ... (5 replies)
... Hi kenb, Keeping a pain journal & noting the time of the pain, location & description of pain or headache, what you were doing proceeding the pain, the time of the medicine, how the medicine worked & the time it worked might be a good idea so that the dr can see the particulars about the headaches & how many you are having. (3 replies)
... i think i have heard of that and will look into it. in the meanwhile I am getting terrible headaches ever since i switched to the hydro- norco. i am taking 10/325 every 5-6 hours and wake in the morning with awful headaches. i am at a loss anymore on what to do... sick of the pain in neck and now these headaches are causing me to be in bed for hours in the morning to get... (3 replies)
... I am suffering from chronic neck pain. I had three cervical fusions l0 years ago. ... (1 replies)
... CHIEF COMPLAINT: He has persistent left-sided low back pain radiating all the way down my left leg including the left hip. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: Patient is a quadriplegic with history of spinal cord injury at C5-6 after a motor vehicle accident in 1977. Sensory is spared. He has persistent low back pain radiating all the way down left leg including the hip. He was... (14 replies)
... Instrumentation and Technology A Comparison of Microdiscectomy to Microendoscopic Discectomy A Different Approach to Posterior Spinal Instrumentation Anterior Lumbar lnterbody Fusion Utilizing The AO Titanium Interbody Spacer (TIS) Application–Specific Accuracy Requirements for Image Guided Spinal Surgery Biomechanical Assessment of Hydroxyapetite Vertebroplasty in... (13 replies)
... thought I should see a surgeon. He thought the herniations in C6 C7 were impinging on my nerves, thus causing some of the pain. My MRI came out that there was cervical radiculopathy, and further degenerations of the C5 C6 C7 disks. I was shocked, I didn't think surgery was an option at all! ... (13 replies)
... I had a Radio Frequency Ablation. Lumbar. Helped somewhat for 2 yrs. Different proceedure probably. The nerve area felt extremely sunburned the next day. (4 replies)
... Ive had 2 of them done in my DRs office ( hes also an anestialogist) ..excuse the spelling .... and in one big room in his office is alot of monitors, looks like and exray thong that he puts on one side of your neck, and then on the screens, he and his team can see where the needle is going in ( if you look to the dide , u can too...I didnt mean to , but did)..... ... (4 replies)
... Remark that there is cervical spondylosis. Reffered to local osteo clinic and got PT, 40 Vicodin and 40 Skelaxin. No relief of the neck pain. ... (11 replies)
Jun 26, 2005
... t remember a thing. Bad part is it did nothing for my cervical herniation at all. I have my latest mri and the pain to prove it. ... (4 replies)
... Stillwater, You are not alone. I can't stand the way hydrocodone or mepergan or any narcotic for that matter makes me feel. It either drugs me up, which makes me feel out of control :eek: or wires me up so I don't sleep at all :bouncing: I also take Ultram, but when the pain is at a 10, I have to take the stronger meds. I haven't been able to sleep in weeks. I had a... (4 replies)
... se proc. would cure me. I had one even say he didnt believe my myelogram reports about the nerve root lesions. He swore the RFL would cure me and if not then the rhizotomy would. ... (4 replies)
... er the pain killers. The technical name for the procedure is a radio frequency lumbar facet rhizotomy. I have also had outpatient nerve blocks administered to my cervical spine, epidurals etc, which help. ... (4 replies)
... head pain and TMJ. I have gone thru a cervical fusion, nerve block, facet blocks, rhizotomy, name it I've probably I had it done. ... (0 replies)

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