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Codeine contin
Oct 12, 2007
... I noticed that you are from Canada. Do they have something up there called codeine contin? ... (6 replies)
Codeine contin
Oct 12, 2007
... but at a MUCH reduced mg than taking straight morphine pills. IMO Oxycontin is much stronger on a per mg basis than codeine but also depends on how your body tolerates and what your body "prefers" to help you. ... (6 replies)
... Hey Len, You can go to the Purdue of Canada sight and see the full prescribing info and the conversions from one drug to another under Codeine contins' Imprint info. ... (12 replies)

Codeine contin
Jun 18, 2009
... I'm from Canada and have never heard of anything called codeine contin. You can get straight codeine but its not prescribed much up here like that, mainly rx'd as tylenol 3, and its short acting therefore can't be a contin. ... (6 replies)
Codeine contin
Jun 10, 2009
... I don't know about codeine contin but this is for straight codeine so I imagine it is the same. ... (6 replies)
... OK was taking 1700 mgs of codeine a day yes a day! ... (12 replies)
Codeine contin
Jun 10, 2009
... codeine contin is equal to how much endocet or percocet? ... (6 replies)
Codeine contin
Jun 10, 2009
... codeine contin is equal to how many percocet,or endocet? ... (6 replies)
Codeine contin
Oct 12, 2007
... which is more powerful codeine contin or oxycontin for pain (6 replies)
Codeine Cotin
Jan 16, 2008
... I am currently on Codeine Contin 100 mg twice a day. I was reading info on this medication to get to know the drug better and how it works. ... (6 replies)
... I'm not familiar with codeine contin, but the conversion from codeine to oxycodone is about 10 to 1. ... (19 replies)
... Thank you for your time i just want this to work out,i dont care for the codeine ,it really hasnt worked they way it suppose to for years,just kept going and hoping for the best possible day! ... (12 replies)
... The codeine contin plus 7-8 T3's a day would actually take you up to about 1800mgs. a day. I know that there is no ceiling effect for opioids, but I've also read that codiene has a ceiling effect at 300=600mg/po. Regardless I think most agree you will be better off on something else!! Good luck//Chaz (19 replies)
... Codeine Contin must be rough on the stomach. ... (19 replies)
... For whatever reason, the information I've read on codeine says that it DOES have a 'ceiling effect' so I'd think Dave's information would be right on when it comes to other meds.. ... (12 replies)
... med that you could take 3 times a day then if needed something for breakthrough pain. 1700 mg sounds like a ton of medicine but I am sure codeine isn't nearly as effective as oxy, roxicodone, oxycodone etc. ... (12 replies)
... a day dosed every 8 hrs which is how it is commenly dosed. When you were taking the Tylenol 3's you said you were not tired and you were taking up to 360 mg of Codeine a day, so by sticking to taking only 3 a day of the Codeine Contin you will be getting only 300 mg of Codeine. ... (6 replies)
... Hello:) First I want to say that I am sorry that you have to go through this puzzle to get a some relief. Let me start by saying that the itchiness is a side effect to a lot of the pain meds. How long have you been itching like this? Was it immediately after he change your meds? I know when I first started using percocet (5 years ago) Theat was my only issue. The itching. But... (14 replies)
... he last 11 years I have tried many things, starting with Tylenol 3 and Emtec and as pain worsened I am now taking Tylenol 3 as needed throughout the day, Codiene contin 100 mgs 2 twice a day, Oxycodone Hydrochloride 1 or 2 every 6 hours and Emtec at night instead of the Tylenol 3s. ... (14 replies)
... hours. If your in Canada, There is a long acting version of dilaudid called HydromorphContin and a long acting version of Codeine called Codeine contin. Contin basically means continued release and is Purdue Pharmas' patented delievery method. ... (4 replies)

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