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... so again i upped my meds and found a comfort in my dose wich is alot higher then i am on, i guess i am going to be put back on my old meds codien contin 200 mgs 8x a day,my guess and then go threw the old grind again,work then lay down and dont move till next day! ... (19 replies)
... Yes I take that and the 10 mg i take every 4 hours,6 total all together 120 mgs total and when i was taking the codiene contin,he was giving me about 100 T3s every 2 weeks 1600 mgs daily codien contin ,plus the tylenol#3s thank you all very much (19 replies)
... in the last ten years i was taking 1600 mgs of codien contin ,200 mgs pills 8 x a day! ... (19 replies)

... i am jsut a bit confused here regarding the codiene contin? ... (19 replies)
... u were taking the Tylenol 3's you said you were not tired and you were taking up to 360 mg of Codeine a day, so by sticking to taking only 3 a day of the Codeine Contin you will be getting only 300 mg of Codeine. Maybe it's only when you take that 4th Codeine Contin that you are more tired? ... (6 replies)
... flipped me back to my Family doctor to rule out anything with my head so we did a CT and everything is fine, so we came to the conclusion that is probably the MS contin causing the headaches....has anyone else experienced this? ... (6 replies)
... Hello:) First I want to say that I am sorry that you have to go through this puzzle to get a some relief. Let me start by saying that the itchiness is a side effect to a lot of the pain meds. How long have you been itching like this? Was it immediately after he change your meds? I know when I first started using percocet (5 years ago) Theat was my only issue. The itching. But... (14 replies)
... Over the last 11 years I have tried many things, starting with Tylenol 3 and Emtec and as pain worsened I am now taking Tylenol 3 as needed throughout the day, Codiene contin 100 mgs 2 twice a day, Oxycodone Hydrochloride 1 or 2 every 6 hours and Emtec at night instead of the Tylenol 3s. ... (14 replies)
... have is the percocet that contains oxycodone other than Oxycontin. We dont have anything like Lortab and lorcet. But we have a whole family of "contins" we have Codiene Contin...MS Contin....Oxycontin...Hydromorphone Contin...But I think the only 2 Ir drugs we have without tylenol are Dilaudid and Morphine IR. ... (17 replies)
Breakthrough meds
Sep 12, 2010
... Codiene Contin is simply a continuous release version of codiene sulfate. To answer your question in a nutshell, you should take your breakthrough meds when you feel your pain starting to rise above what it normally is. ... (4 replies)
... as the codiene just doesnt do the job anymore and im tired of being a guy that doesnt get around much. ... (19 replies)
... Hey Len, You can go to the Purdue of Canada sight and see the full prescribing info and the conversions from one drug to another under Codeine contins' Imprint info. I tried to figure it out but as many times as I have changed meds and then onto the pump, they always start low. The manufacturers tell them to do the calculation and start at half of that. The idea is to see... (12 replies)
... The codeine contin plus 7-8 T3's a day would actually take you up to about 1800mgs. a day. I know that there is no ceiling effect for opioids, but I've also read that codiene has a ceiling effect at 300=600mg/po. Regardless I think most agree you will be better off on something else!! Good luck//Chaz (19 replies)
... Hi. I've been around this board and others for a long time and have never known anyone who was prescribed this pain medication so I am not at all familiar with it. I did google it and learn that it is for mild to moderate chronic pain. Not knowing what kind of pain you have or what is causing it, makes it hard for me to say too much. But in general, if your med isn't... (4 replies)
... when should you take break through meds with codiene contin 200mg (4 replies)
... I can't take any codiene makes me SO nauseaous... ... (12 replies)
... Hey Len- Has your doctor ever mentioned or considered Norco? It's stronger than codiene, but not as harsh on the system as the oxycodone. Basically it's the same thing as vicodin, but with less of the tylenol. I'm using 7.5 mgs and although it doesn't make the pain totally go away, it brings it down to about 4-5 range which is do-able for me. I wish you luck. Keep... (12 replies)
... i do think that by him Rxing your codiene this way is the biggest reason that you are having the types of problems with the oxycontin. ... (19 replies)
... killers for my pain late last summer. I started on Tylenol 3's then went to T4's, then to straight codiene. In Octobor I was taking up to 500 mg's of straight codiene per day. All of these meds would work for about a week then they wouldn't work as good. So my doctor said it was time to try a stronger pain killer. ... (17 replies)
... I am a bit confused about your post as I have read all your previous one's and it looks like you have been switching back and forth between the MS Contin and the Oxycontin quite a few times.....Nothing wrong with that....just confused about what you are writing... ... (11 replies)

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